Eastern Shore’s Millionaire Bonanza: Maryland Lottery Unveils Latest Big Winners

Eastern Shore celebrates its latest millionaire, with Troy Deneau of Dorchester clinching a staggering $5 million windfall in the Maryland Lottery’s 50 Years! game. Deneau’s stroke of luck at Dash In, Willards, marks the state’s second top-prize triumph in the same game.

Amidst the jubilation, Deneau and his wife Rachel expressed profound gratitude for their newfound fortune while visiting the Maryland Lottery headquarters. His loyalty to the 50 Years! game, coupled with a string of smaller wins preceding the grand jackpot, underscores his status as a “super fan.”

In a twist of fate, Deneau’s retirement plans were catapulted into reality by the very game he adores. While initially contemplating a peaceful retirement, the 56-year-old, a seasoned small business owner in the fire-protection sector, opts to continue his legacy, propelled by three decades of unwavering dedication.

As the spotlight shines on Deneau, Eastern Shore revels in additional lottery triumphs. A $50,000-winning Pick 5 ticket sold at Crisfield Oceanic and an $18,570-winning Racetrax ticket from North Salisbury Exxon further amplify the region’s winning streak.

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