How to Claim Eurojackpot Prizes – Your Quick Reference Guide to Get Your Cash

So you got the numbers right and you’re eligible for a EuroJackpot prize. Now you have the very important task of making sure you get your money!

As is necessary in today’s world, security measures and verification processes are part of the process of how to claim EuroJackpot prize money. But allow us to make it simple for you. Below you’ll find detailed information on all relevant topics for this task, whether you played online with lottery agents, or purchased a ticket in store.

What Are the EuroJackpot Prizes?

Interestingly, the EuroJackpot differs from many other popular lotteries in terms of prize money for each tier. Instead of set amounts, all tiers’ prizes are dependent on how big that draw’s prize fund is. With two draws a week and a rollover jackpot, the big prize’s size can escalate quickly.

Claim EuroJackpot Prizes

Source: Lottoland

For clarity on how much you’re actually eligible to claim when playing EuroJackpot, here’s a summary.

Each tier is allocated a percentage of the prize fund. All winners in that category will share the money allocated to the specific tier.

Category Normal numbers matched Euro numbers matched % of prize pool Average prize
Jackpot 5 2 36% €39,152,403
2 5 1 8.6% €905,815.54
3 5 0 4.85% €179,769.26
4 4 2 0.8% €5,224.72
5 4 1 1% €316.38
6 3 2 1.1% €158.86
7 4 0 0.8% €112.61
8 2 2 2.55% €25.81
9 3 1 2.85% €19.86
10 3 0 5.4% €17.37
11 1 2 6.75% €12.79
12 2 1 20.3% €9.79

Your odds of winning any of the above prizes are 1 in 32.

General Steps in Claiming Your Eurojackpot Prize

So, with EuroJackpot you won’t know immediately how much you’ve won, but you’ll see these details soon after each draw. You can check lottery results of EuroJackpot on our website, EuroJackpot platform or lottery sites that showcase lottery information from around the globe.

To get your money, here are some steps to follow to make it easy.

Step 1: Double Check Your Ticket

Do check the details of your ticket before initiating a claim. Firstly, make sure that you have the correct results, so you don’t waste time on making a claim – and feel embarrassed afterward – just because you were too hasty. Also, don’t miss out on getting your money because you didn’t realize you’d guessed the lottery numbers correctly! Check diligently after every draw.

Furthermore, for EuroMillions tickets you purchased in-store, it’s best to have a signed ticket. This may act as proof that you’re the owner, so somebody else doesn’t claim your prize if they find your ticket before you claim your winnings.

Step 2: Claim Your Prize

This is one of the lotteries where the registered organizers have implemented an online system, unlike many US lotteries that have systems that only cater for physical tickets. An online system means that players who played online may receive smaller amounts in their accounts automatically.

However, the countries taking part in Eurojackpot all have different organizers and systems, so your payment will depend on the guidelines of the specific country. (see details further below).

If the country has an automatic online payment system, it’s still your responsibility to ensure transfers happen. Contact the organizers if it doesn’t.

For physical ticket holders, there are retail outlets, payment centers and banks to visit. In some cases you can also manage the claim by post. The exact method to follow depends on the size of the prize and the country you’re in. Below we’ll share a detailed list of these guidelines.

There’s also the option of claiming from your lottery site or lottery agent. When using reputable platforms such as theLotter to play EuroJackpot you can have peace of mind that winnings for smaller amounts are automatically allocated to your account.

claiming prize from theLotter

Source: TheLotter

Once again, be vigilant and ensure it is paid over. In some cases it may take a few days and large amounts could require you to travel to claim it in person.

Step 3: Validation Process

Be prepared to go through a validation process, especially if you’re claiming a big prize. Possible scenarios, depending on how you played the lottery:

  • The validation can take place in store or you may need to post your ticket to lottery operator officials for verification. You may need to fill in a claims form and provide proof of valid banking details.
  • In the case of lottery sites that buy tickets on your behalf, you’ll have a copy of the ticket but your lottery site vendor can use the original to claim money on your behalf. Only for larger prizes like jackpots there’s often a necessity for the ticket buyer to travel and claim the money in person.
  • Lottery agents may also require validation of your banking details in order to do payouts when you request them.

These steps may result in a delay before you get your money, so it’s important to stay patient and manage your expectations.

Step 4: Get Your Prize

Finally you can get your prize! Make sure it’s paid into the right bank account.

Now you can celebrate!

Step 5: Get Professional Advice

Without experience in managing large amounts of money, many lottery winners end up spending it and ending up with nothing within months or even weeks. Rather ask professionals to help you make the most of your win:

  • Ask a financial advisor about investments and budgeting.
  • Talk to bankers so you can get the best possible interest on money in your account.
  • Consult a tax expert to help you pay as little tax as possible on your winnings.

Step 6: Have a Plan for Spending Your Money

While you have many reasons to feel excited, if you received a huge amount of money it’s smart not to tell all your friends and family. Many of them will start asking you for financial help and loans, which could affect your relationship with each other. You need to implement the tips from financial experts so you don’t regret your choices.

Rather than simply spending the money left and right, imagine what the following guidelines can help you achieve in the long run:

  • Pay off debt: if you pay off what you owe the bank or other individuals, you’ll pay much less in interest and enjoy more financial freedom.
  • Don’t quit your job: continue your lifestyle, only with the benefit of less financial worries. Having a day job will keep you grounded, so you can enjoy a better lifestyle without living too extravagantly and wasting money.
  • Gift money wisely: only give other people money if it doesn’t affect your long term financial goals. Also, remember that there may be tax implications if you give others money, so discuss it with a professional beforehand to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements with friends and family.
  • Have an emergency fund: you never know what will happen in the future, so set aside some of the cash for unforeseen circumstances. You may need money for medical expenses at some stage, and your lottery win can give you peace of mind that you’re prepared for any scenario.

Rules for How to Claim a Eurojackpot Prize – Summary by Country

There are many rules applicable to the EuroJackpot game because there are so many countries that take part in it – 18 in total! There is a different operator in each country that you may need to contact.

When playing the lottery using tickets purchased in store, you do need to claim in the country where you bought it. Alternatively, there are also online playing options and international online lottery sites, including WinTrillions, to help you get in on the action.

Claim a WinTrillions Prize

Source: WinTrillions

If you win, our table below will help you gauge the best way forward to claim your prize.

Country Operator Tickets Purchased Online Tickets Purchased in Store
  • Exact rules depend on state you purchase ticket in
  • Some states do automatic payments into your account
  • Larger payments need manual claim process from lottery company
  • Exact rules depend on state you purchase ticket in
  • Smaller prizes can be claimed at retailers.
  • Larger prizes usually paid via bank transfers – may require a claims form or visit to LOTTO Hamburg HQ
Croatia Hrvatska Lutrija
  • HRK1 – HRK1,000,000: Automatic payment to your account.
  • HRK 1,000,000<: Claim at Zagreb office.
  • HRK1 – HRK29,999: Claim at store where you bought ticket
  • HRK30,000 – HRK1,000,00: Claim at regional centers or in Zagreb
  • HRK 1,000,000<: Claim at Zagreb office.
Czech Republic Sazka
  • CZK1 – CZK 500,000: Claim at retail outlets or request bank transfer.
  • CZK 500,000<: Must contact Sazka contact center.
  • CZK1 – CZK 100,000: Claim at retail outlets.
  • CZK 100,00 – CZK 270,000: Claim from payment centers.
  • CZK 270,000<: Must contact Sazka contact center.
Denmark Danske Spil
  • Kr 1 – Kr 1,500,000: Paid into your account
  • Kr 1,5 million<: Must first contact Danske Spil
  • Kr 1 – Kr 10,000: Use retail store or claim with Danske Spil-associated bank.
  • Kr 10,000 – Kr 1,500,000: Claim at Danske Spil-associated bank.
  • Kr 1,5 million<: Must claim directly from Danske Spil
Estonia Eesti Loto
  • €1 – €2000: Paid to your account
  • €2,000<: Must first complete claims form.
  • €1 – €650: Paid out at retail stores
  • €651 – €2000: Claim at post office
  • €2,000<: Visit lottery office and complete claims form.
Finland Veikkaus Paid to your account
  • €1 – €1,000: Claim from retail stores.
  • €1,001 – €10,000: Claim at bank.
  • €10,000<: Visit Veikkaus HQ.
Hungary Szerencsejatek Zrt Paid to account, or must contact lottery officials for bank transfer Claim small amounts from retail stores and larger prizes from lottery officials.
Iceland Islenska Getrauna
  • Kr 1 – kr 100,000: Automatic payment to your account.
  • Kr 100,000<: Only paid after payment is requested.
  • Kr 1 – kr 25,000: Visit retail outlets
  • Kr 25,000<: Paid out after you contact lottery officials
Italy Sisal
  • €1 – €5,200: Automatic payment to account.
  • €5,201<: Claim at lottery office in Rome/Milan
  • €1 – €52,000: Claim from retail outlets or lottery offices.
  • €52,001<: Claim at lottery office in Rome/Milan
Latvia Latvijas Loto
  • €1 – €8,000: Automatic payment to account.
  • €8,001<: Claim at lottery office in Riga
  • €1 – €720: Claim at retail stores.
  • €720<: Claim at lottery office in Riga
Lithuania Perlas
  • €1 – €1,000: Automatic payment to player account.
  • €1,001<: Transfer to bank account
  • €1 – €145: Claim at retail stores.
  • €146 – €1,000: Claim at lottery office
  • €1,001<: Claim at lottery office in Vilnius
The Netherlands Nederlandse Loterij
  • €1 – €1,000: Automatic payment to player account.
  • €1,001 – €5,000: Transfer to bank account
  • €5,001<: Contact lottery officials
  • €1 – €449: Claim at lottery stores.
  • €450 – €5,000: Send ticket and copy of ID to officials
  • €5,001<: Contact lottery officials
Norway Norsk Tipping
  • Kr1 – €10,000: Automatic payment to player account.
  • €10,001<: Transfer to bank account
  • Kr1 – €10,000: Automatic payment to Norsk Tipping account.
  • €10,001<: Transfer to bank account
Poland Totalizator Sportowy N/A
  • 1 zl – 2,280 zl: Claim at retail outlets.
  • 2,280 zl<: Collect at operator offices in major cities
Slovakia Tipos
  • €1 – €5,000: Payment to player account or claim cash at headquarters.
  • €5,001 – €15,000: Transfer to bank account
  • €15,001<: Visit lottery headquarters
  • €1 – €3,500: Visit retail stores and in some cases post office.
  • €3,501>: Visit lottery headquarters
Slovenia Loterija Slovenije Paid to player’s account
  • €1 – €300: Claim for authorized retail stores.
  • €301 – €4,000: Visit official lottery outlets.
  • €4,001<: Visit lottery headquarters in Ljubljana
Spain JuegosONCE Paid to player account Claim at authorized retail stores or lottery centers
Sweden Svenska Spel
  • SEK 1 – SEK 999,999: Payment to player account.
  • SEK 1,000,000 – SEK 5,000,000: Payment to bank account.
  • SEK 5,000,001<: Must claim from lottery officials.
  • SEK 1 – SEK 20,000: Claim at registered retail stores.
  • SEK 20,001 – SEK 999,999: Claim from banks.
  • SEK 1,000,000<: Must claim from lottery officials.

How to Claim a Eurojackpot Prize from Online Lottery Sites

Another way of getting into the EuroJackpot action is to use online lottery sites and lottery agents. Options include:

  • Having a lottery site purchase a real EuroJackpot ticket on your behalf and they will claim winnings for you. You may need to wait until they receive the money from EuroJackpot before it will be paid into your account. For jackpot wins they may organize for you to travel to a European country to claim the prize in person.
  • When a lottery agent allows you to bet on the outcome of a lottery, like EuroJackpot, they take responsibility for the prize payment. They even have insurance to help pay for large wins, as is the case with Lottoland. When you win, some payments may happen instantly and will reflect on your user account. However, when you request a payout to your bank account it may take a few days to reflect.

How Long Do You Have to Claim a Eurojackpot Prize?

The claim period is dependent on the country you play in and online lottery site policies. Here’s a summary of how long tickets are valid in European countries:

Country Claim Period
Croatia 60 days
Czech Republic 35 days
Denmark Usually 3 years, but 90 days for smaller prizes
Estonia 90 days
Finland 1 year
Germany 3 years
Hungary 180 days
Iceland 1 year
  • 30 – 90 days for smaller prizes
  • 3 years for prizes over €10 million
Latvia 30 days
Lithuania 60 days
The Netherlands 1 year
Norway 3 months
Poland 60 days
Slovakia 35 days
Slovenia 90 days
Spain 30 days
Sweden 3 months

Will You Pay Tax on a Eurojackpot Prize?

Whether you pay tax on EuroJackpot prizes will depend on where you play the game from. Also, your location and own country’s tax laws will influence how much tax you’ll pay.

Countries That Don’t Tax EuroJackpot Winnings

For countries taking part in EuroJackpot, luckily you won’t pay tax in these ones:

  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Norway
  • Slovakia
  • Sweden

Countries that do Tax Eurojackpot Winnings:

Here’s a table to give clarity on how tax will apply in other countries:

Country Tax information
Croatia 10% – 30% tax, depending on your prize amount
Hungary Personal income tax on certain tiers
Italy 20% tax if you win over €500
The Netherlands 29% tax if you win over €449
Poland 10% tax if you win over 2280 zl
Slovenia 15% tax if you win over €300
Spain 20% tax if you win over €40,000
International players Local tax laws may apply – consult with a local tax expert

Final Thoughts

Winning a Eurojackpot prize is only halfway to enjoy the money. Be smart about claiming so you don’t wait longer than necessary, or miss out completely by not acting within the claim period of your country or vendor.

Use the information to speed up your claims process and pretty soon you can simply enjoy your money. Just remember our tips on spending wisely too!


How does the Eurojackpot work?

In Eurojackpot players pick five numbers from numbers ranging 1 to 50 and another two numbers between 1 and 12. To win the jackpot you must have all seven numbers correct. There are 11 other prize tiers, so you can win even if you only have three numbers that match the drawn sequence.

Can I claim a EuroJackpot prize on someone else’s behalf?

A jackpot prize will only be paid over to the confirmed owner of a lottery ticket. In most cases, this would be the buyer of the ticket. However, if there’s proof that a ticket was gifted to someone else in good faith, the recipient can be seen as the owner of the ticket.

Can you claim EuroJackpot prizes in a different country than where you purchased your ticket?

For tickets purchased in registered outlets, you can only claim EuroJackpot prizes in the same country the ticket was acquired. However, you can claim prize money at a different outlet, as long as it’s still in that same country.

For players using online lottery sites to buy tickets or bet on the outcome of the draw, you can make a claim from anywhere on the globe. Prize money can be paid into your account. However, if you should win a big prize, there’s a chance you may need to travel to Europe to claim your prize in person.

Can someone who isn’t from Europe win the Eurojackpot?

Anyone who is in a European country that forms part of the EuroJackpot network can legally purchase a ticket for this lottery. You can also win the jackpot, but you’ll need to consult with a tax expert on how tax laws will apply when you take the money out of the country.

In addition, players using lottery agents can be the legal owner of a EuroJackpot ticket. You may need to travel in order to claim your winnings though, because large wins can often not be paid into your lottery agent online wallet.

How many numbers do you need to win a prize in the Eurojackpot?

You can win a prize in the EuroJackpot lottery even if you only guess 3 numbers correctly. This can be 3 normal numbers or 2 normal numbers and a Euro number, or 1 normal number and 2 Euro numbers.

What is the difference between Eurojackpot and Euromillions?

Eurojackpot and Euromillions are two different but both very popular European lotteries. Euromillions has a larger minimum jackpot though. They have similar formats and both have two draws weekly (Tuesdays and Fridays) which you can check on our Euromillions results page.