How Many Scratch Off Tickets Are in a Roll?

Scratch-off tickets are a fun and exciting way to win big prizes and the more you play the better your chances of winning. To budget, for example, to buy an entire roll of scratch off tickets you’ll need to know how many are in a roll. The number of tickets in a roll can vary as well as their values.

Many players mistakenly believe that each ticket in a roll is a winner or that the odds are evenly distributed. To assist you, we’ve provided valuable information about how many tickets are on a roll and whether they are worth buying.

How Many Tickets are on a Roll of Scratchers?

To give you a better understanding of how many tickets you can get in a roll, we’ve provided a table below. Here you’ll see the cost involved as well as how many tickets you get based on general trends of ticket manufacturers.

Cost Per Ticket Number of Tickets on a Roll Total Cost of Roll
$1 250 $250
$2 100 $200
$3 100 $300
$5 80 $400
$10 50 $500
$20 30 $600
$30 30 $900
$50 20 $1000

Note that the number of tickets and the cost per roll can vary depending on the game you’re playing and which state you reside in. For example, a roll of scratch offs that cost $10 per ticket can have 50 cards in a pack in many states but it will be 60 if you live in Florida.

What is the Value of a Roll of Scratch-Offs?

The value of a roll of scratch-offs will firstly depend on how many tickets are on a roll. You’ll find that rolls that have a lower price have more tickets on the roll. There’s also a limit of tickets, based on what fits retailers’ display counters.

On the other hand, tickets that have a higher price will have fewer tickets in a roll, however, they sell a lot slower than the cheaper rolls. This works well for the retailer because they don’t have to replace these more expensive rolls often.

Secondly, you need to look at the price per ticket to determine the cost of an entire roll of a specific ticket.

As an example, a roll of 250 tickets that have a value of $1 per ticket will cost $250 per roll. In comparison, a roll of 20 tickets can have a value of $50 per ticket which results in $1000 per roll.

Usually, as the price of the ticket goes up, the number of tickets in a roll goes down.

How Many Winning Tickets are on Each Roll of Scratch Offs?

The number of winning tickets on a roll of scratch cards will be determined by the odds of the game and the amount of prizes that have already been claimed. It’s important to note that not every ticket will be a winning ticket and you may not win a large jackpot. However, usually, every roll does have at least one winning ticket.

Rolls that have a higher value may have more winning tickets in a roll. The odds of winning are higher with more expensive rolls compared to the cheaper ones.

Odds are also affected by how you play. Buying physical tickets from a retailer can have different odds than playing through the best online scratch card sites.

Is it Worth Buying a Roll of Scratch Offs?

It’s worth buying a roll of scratch offs if you know the odds and the number of prizes that have been claimed from a particular scratch card. If most big prizes have been claimed (big claims are often mentioned in the media), it’s better to consider a different type of ticket.

You can increase your chances of winning by using certain strategies like buying the more expensive rolls that have better odds.

However, there is a possibility that you won’t win as much as you spend on tickets. This is why it’s important to research the ticket rolls you intend to buy, to ensure there haven’t been a lot of prize claims.

Once you’ve figured out the odds of the game and how many prizes have been claimed you can identify whether it’s worth buying your roll of tickets.

Final Thoughts

Scratch-off tickets are appealing because they offer instant gratification. You don’t have to wait for winning numbers as is the case with traditional lottery games where you wait for a draw. Scratch off cards give you immediate results. It also feels more interactive and engaging compared to some other games of chance.

Some experts do believe that if you really want to increase your chances of winning from scratch cards, consider buying a roll of tickets instead of individual ones. Remember, the cheaper tickets may seem more appealing to you, but they don’t typically have large payouts.

Consider your budget and your goals. Then, if you want higher payouts and better odds, consider buying rolls that have fewer tickets but with a higher price.


Does each roll of scratch off tickets have a big winner?

Each roll of scratch cards is guaranteed to have winners but not all rolls will have a big winner. It will depend on the game you’re playing. Certain games may guarantee a win such as Emerald Mine 9X which has the best odds of winning top prizes.

What are the chances of winning with a scratch off?

The chances of winning a scratch off will depend on the odds of the game. The odds will also differ depending on the game you play.

For example, the odds of winning on a $50 scratch off in Florida is 1 in 5719. This is better odds than playing for the Powerball jackpot on online lottery sites like theLotter. You can decide if you want to go for an easier win, or the bigger jackpot.

Can you increase your chances of winning with scratch-offs?

Yes, you can increase your odds of winning a scratch off. One of the best ways is to buy more tickets or buy ones that are more expensive because they have the best odds.

Which scratchers win the most?

The top scratchers that win the most are Merlins Millions with an RTP of 95.17% and What a Jackpot with an RTP of 96.30%. Many others may have more wins like Lucky Numbers or Whack a Jackpot.

Where do they sell the most winning lottery tickets?

The best place to buy scratch offs is in San Antonio because this is where the most winning tickets are sold. Just remember, as with all games you play on Lotto Agent and other lottery sites, scratch offs are games of chance and you can strike it lucky anywhere.

Can you know when a scratch off is a winner, before scratching?

If you want to know how to tell if a scratch off is a winner before scratching consider analyzing the barcode at the bottom of your ticket. You may find certain recurring letters or numbers appear on all winning tickets. Experts also advise you to try the Singleton method.