A veteran won $4 million using numbers from a fortune cookies to win the lottery

After using the numbers in his fortune cookie, a North Carolina veteran transformed a meal at a restaurant into a Mega Millions prize to win $4 million.

According to the NC Education Lottery, Gabriel Fierro and his spouse eat at Red Bowl Asian Bistro in Charlotte about once per week. Their cookies were even more fortunate last week.

Fierro stated that he made the decision “on a whim to” play his fortune cookie numbers last Tuesday’s drawing and ended up with the biggest win in the history online gambling in the state.

Fierro purchased his ticket online using Online Play. He also added $1 to make it Megaplier tickets (which would multiply any winnings). To win $1 million, he matched five white balls. This quadrupled the amount to $4 million when “4X Megaplier” hit.

Fierro couldn’t believe his luck at first

He said,

I received an email in the morning. I stared at it dumbfounded. I took it, and showed it to my wife. She thought it was an April Fool’s joke or a scam.

He said that it was then that it hit them and they ran around the house screaming like banshees.

Side note: If you play, check your spam folder. A Michigan woman discovered she had won $3 million when she was looking through her junk folder to find something else.

Fierro took home $2,840,000.401 after taxes withholdings. After 32 years of service in the Army, Fierro, 60, retired as a disabled combat vet. He also spent time in Iraq.

FiveThirtyEight performed an analysis many years ago to determine the lucky numbers for fortune cookies. They came up with The complicated after a lot of calculations that involved years of historical data.