B.C. lotto winner after winning the Lotto Max Extra prize: “My dream was to build an entire town.”

Although he is far from being able afford his dream, a recent win in the lottery has a man still celebrating.

Clarke Sexsmith became $500,000 richer by purchasing a Lotto Max ticket in Chilliwack late last month.

He was able to match four of the four numbers to win Lotto Max Extra. This only became apparent to him when he got his reading glasses.

To be certain, he ended up double-checking the ticket at two different locations.

Sexsmith was waiting at the second spot when his wife called.

“She asked me my activities. “She didn’t believe me when I told her I thought I won on my lotto ticket,” he stated in a statement released by the B.C. Lottery Corporation

Sexsmith is a man who has big dreams. Sexsmith stated that if he won big in any way, he would invest it in a specific project.

He said, “My dream was build a city.”

He told BCLC that although his half-million-dollar win will not be enough to reach this goal, he still intends to invest the majority of it.

He stated that he would keep his celebrations low-key.

One in 33,294,800 is the chance of winning the top Lotto Max prize. BCLC states that the odds of Sexsmith winning the Extra prize are still very low at 1 in 3764,376.