An itchy palm that led to a million-dollar win in Western Australia

The myth of itchy left palm resulting in money coming your way from unexpected sources proved true for a Mandurah man.

The man, in his 60s, said he remembers having a scratchy palm the night before October’s second weekly Lotto draw that made him a millionaire.

He said he did not think anything of it and when he checked his numbers online, he could see that he had six numbers but no supps, so he ignored it.

The winner said that later it started to dawn on him that he only needed six numbers to win but he still wanted to confirm it. So, he said, he Googled the draw and saw that there was one Lotto winner across the Western Australia State and he thought ‘Oh my god, that’s me!’.

Still not being totally convinced, he kept the information from his wife until he called Lotterywest HQ for confirmation. He spoke to a Lotterywest representative who congratulated him saying that he’s won $928,000.

“We went out to dinner that night and celebrated with an extravagant bottle of wine,” he said.

Until October this year, a total of 62 Western Australian players had taken home Division One prizes worth $76 million.