North Carolina man wins $110,000 by using children’s birthdays to play the lotto

North Carolina man discovered that children are the gift that keeps giving when he won $110,000 by playing the lottery for their birthdays.

Louis Paine Jr. of Fletcher, said that the ticket he purchased for the February 1 Cash 5 drawing bore numbers adapted from his children’s birthdays.

Paine stated that he was stunned to learn that the $110,000 winning ticket he purchased from Ingles in Fletcher was actually a winner.

Paine stated,

I was flabbergasted. Of course I didn’t believe that.

Paine, a former teacher, stated that he enjoys playing the lottery due to the funds that go towards education in the state.

Paine stated,

Giving back education is very important. It’s the best thing we have in this country.

Paine stated that he will invest some of the winnings and then share the rest with his family.