Ontario woman wins big lottery prize after getting ticket in ‘Secret Santa’ work gift exchange

A woman from Ontario is now $250,000 richer, after winning the top prize in a lottery scratch card that was given to her as part of a Secret Santa gift exchange at work.

Welland, Ont. 

The OLG was informed that she had texted her husband right away and asked him to come home.

The 41-year old told OLG that he handed him the ticket, and then asked if it was real.

According to the employee in the health industry, she will pay a portion of her mortgage and save money for her children’s education.

She said,

I would also like to save and invest some money for a family trip. I have many decisions to make.

According to the OLG, ‘Merry & Brilliant‘ scratch cards can be purchased during holidays for $10. The top prize is $250,000.

The OLG announced last week that two of their best friends, who were previously married, had won the $44 million Lotto Max jackpot.

After winning the July 20th draw, OLG announced that Elizabeth Lumbo and Arlene Lumbo would each receive $22,011,636.