Sanger Local Strikes Gold with $1 Million Scratch-Off Victory

A Sanger resident struck it rich, winning a $1 million jackpot from a Ca$h Blowout scratch-off ticket on Monday, April 29. This thrilling win occurred at Simrik Mart in Sanger, a quaint town north of Dallas, Denton County. Opting for anonymity, the winner secured one of the eight major prizes from this popular $10 game, marking the fourth claimed prize.

As detailed on the Texas Lottery’s official site, the odds of snagging any prize in the Ca$h Blowout game are 1 in 3.92. This win adds to a growing list of Texas residents finding fortune through lottery games.

Adding to the excitement, another Texan from Corpus Christi claimed a $2 million prize on Thursday, April 25. This lucky individual purchased a Premier Cash scratch-off from a local H-E-B store, clinching the final grand prize from that series.