How to Claim EuroMillions Jackpot Prize – A Quick Reference Guide

The EuroMillions lottery is a popular European game to play but it’s known the world over. One of the biggest attractions is the huge starting jackpot of over €15 million and the other is the jackpot cap that is well over $200 million. Furthermore, it doesn’t even cost a lot to play and have a chance at earning that big prize.

To make sure you don’t miss out on your prize, we created a helpful guide on claiming EuroMillions prizes. Whether you’re eligible for the jackpot or a smaller prize, scroll down to find the appropriate people to contact and put in your request.

What are the EuroMillions Prizes?

When playing EuroMillions you stand a chance of winning the jackpot but also a prize from one of 12 other prize tiers.

You’ll pick from two sets of numbers:

  • Five numbers between 1-50
  • 2 Lucky Stars numbers between 1-12

Claim EuroMillions Jackpot Prize

Source: WinTrillions

Prizes are calculated as a percentage of the prize pool which is based on the number of tickets sold before each draw. You’ll be able to see exactly how much you’ve won when viewing EuroMillions draw results online.

Here’s a quick reference table showing which numbers you need to guess correctly to be eligible for each tier.

Category Main numbers Lucky Stars numbers % of prize pool Average prize
Jackpot 5 2 Up to 50%
2 5 1 2.61% €200,738
3 5 0 0.61% €20,851
4 4 2 0.19% €1,299
5 4 1 0.35% €120
6 3 2 0.37% €57
7 4 0 0.26% €39
8 2 2 1.3% €14
9 3 1 1.45% €11
10 3 0 2.7% €9
11 1 2 3.27% €7
12 2 1 10.3% €6
13 2 0 16.59% €4

Basic Steps in Claiming Your EuroMillions Jackpot Prize

Step 1: Secure Your Ticket

When playing online, you’re lucky that your ticket information is saved by the lottery system or the lottery agent. However, when using a physical ticket purchased from a store, you must ensure your ticket is kept safe.

You’ll also go through a validation process when putting in your claim, so make sure you added your personal details to the ticket and signed it. This helps to prove you’re the original buyer.

Step 2: Decide on Going Public or Staying Anonymous

An important part of discovering how to claim a EuroMillions jackpot or other prize is understanding your rights. For safety or privacy you may not want everyone to know that you’ve won big. Luckily, EuroMillions is one of the lotteries where you’re allowed to claim your prize anonymously, so you don’t have to have your name printed in the newspapers.

This is different to some other big lotteries, such as American lotteries where certain states expect you to share your name when winning a huge jackpot. Usually it’s worth it to get that big prize, but EuroMillions caters for those players who prefer keeping things quiet.

Consider how the news will impact your life and if you think you can handle the publicity, tell the world who you are! Enjoy your very own 15 minutes of fame!

Step 3: Find Out the Size of Your Prize

Another detail you need to consider before putting in your claim is finding out how much you’ve won. Because the size of prizes depends on ticket sales and a prize pool you may not know before the draw exactly how much you’ll win. The amount will often determine how you need to claim, so checking your winnings will streamline your claims process.

While smaller prizes usually have quick payouts via lottery accounts or retailers, larger prizes may require a more elaborate process.

Use the table in the section below to determine if you can simply head to your local retailer, if you can expect the amount in your online account or if you need to contact the lottery headquarters.

Step 4: Make Contact

When you know what you’ve won, contact the appropriate parties that will help you finalize the payout. Visit or contact the right role players, so you can get your payment as soon as possible.

Step 5: Get Validated

Part of a lottery claims process is making sure the right person receives the money. Retailers or lottery officials will need to check physical tickets to ensure authenticity and ownership.

Step 6: Be Patient

While some payment processes are automatic and will quickly ensure you have cash in your account, there are strict rules in place to protect players’ rights. For example, some countries have 12-day waiting periods when big amounts are claimed (see below for more details). During this time the claim can be challenged. Prepare yourself mentally by familiarizing yourself with the guidelines that are relevant to your country, so you can manage your expectations.

Soon you’ll have that money to spend!

Step 7: Plan How to Spend Your Jackpot

Winning a huge prize like the EuroMillions jackpot can give you financial freedom for life – but only if you’re wise about how you’ll spend it. A few tips from experts and other lottery winners:

  • Double-check if you need to pay tax, so you can budget accurately
  • Talk to financial advisors about investments and financial planning, so you make the most of your prize money
  • Don’t spend money on huge assets that result in major maintenance costs, because it can easily bankrupt you in the long run
  • Rather maintain your current lifestyle because a lifestyle change often leads to bad financial decisions
  • Stick to a budget even if you have more money to spend than usual

Rules on How to Claim the EuroMillions Jackpot Prize – Summary by Country

EuroMillions is played throughout Europe but participating countries have different organizers and guidelines. Use the table below to find out the easiest way to claim your prize money, whether it’s a small amount or the jackpot prize.

Tickets Purchased Online Tickets Purchased in Store
  • €1 – €1,000: Paid to your account
  • €1,001<: Paid to your account after 4 weeks
  • €1 – €1,000: Claimed at official retailers
  • €1,001 – €80,000: Claimed at official prize offices
  • €80,001<: Contact Austrian Lottery and collect in person in Vienna
  • €1 – €500: Paid to your lottery account
  • €501 – €25,000: Paid to your bank account
  • €25,001<: Collect in person from lottery headquarters (Brussels)
  • €1 – €250: Claimed at official retailers
  • €250 – €2,000: At retailers or request a bank transfer
  • €2,001 – €100,000: Claimed at official payment centers or headquarters in Brussels
  • €100,001<: Make an appointment with headquarters in Brussels
  • €1 – €2,000: Paid to your lottery account
  • €2,001<: Wait for email notification with instructions
  • €1 – €300: Claimed at official retailers
  • €301 – €30,000: Request bank transfer at retailer or visit payment center
  • €30,001 – €499,999: Make appointment with payment center for in-person claim
  • €500,000<: Claim in person, using claims process – start with calling French National Lottery
  • €1 – €99: Paid to your lottery account
  • €100 – €500: Receive cheque via registered address
  • €501 – €9,999: Fill in claims form and receive cheque
  • €10,000<: Collect cheque in person at lottery headquarters (Dublin)
  • €1 – €100: Claimed at official retailers
  • €101- €2,500: Request payment at post office
  • €1,000 – €15,000: Claim at lottery claim center or post tickets to National Lottery
  • €15,000<: Claim in person at lottery headquarters (phone in advance)
  • €1 – €750: Paid to your lottery account
  • €750<: Paid to bank account
  • €1 – €750: Claimed at official retailers
  • €750- €999,99: Visit National Lottery for payment via bank or cheque
  • €1,000<: Claimed at National Lottery and paid via bank transfer
  • €1 – €150: Paid to your lottery account
  • €150 – €5,000: Paid to bank account
  • €5,000<: Paid to bank account but only after 12 days
  • €1 – €150: Claimed at official retailers
  • €150- €5,000: Visit National Lottery headquarters or a lottery retailer for bank transfer payment
  • €5,000<: Paid after 12 days via bank transfer
  • €1 – €600: Paid to your lottery account
  • €600 – €2,000: Paid to your bank account
  • €2,000<: Paid to bank a request via lottery account
  • €1 – €2,000: Claimed at official retailers
  • €2,000<: Claimed at lottery retailer but paid via bank transfer
  • CHF1 – CHF1,000: Paid to your lottery account
  • CHF1,000<: Paid to your bank account
  • CHF1 – CHF250: Claimed at official retailers
  • CHF200 – CHF1,000: Complete a claims form and collect money from lottery outlet
  • CHF1,000<: Claimed at lottery headquarters
    • £1 – £500: Paid to your lottery account
    • £501 – £30,000: Paid to your bank account via debit card you registered – you need to give confirmation that it can take place, within 180 days
  • £30,001 – £50,000: Claim payment to your account by contacting lottery customer care
  • £50,001<: Contact lottery customer care for arrangements for in person meeting, at home or at a lottery center
    • £1 – £100: Claimed at official retailers
    • £101 – £500: Claim at retailer or post office
  • £501 – £50,000: Claim from lottery affiliated post office or post tickets and claim form to The National Lottery
  • £50,001<: Contact National Lottery to arrange in person meeting where you’ll complete claims form to receive your prize

How to Claim a EuroMillions Prize from Online Lottery Sites

One of the best things about EuroMillions is that many respected lottery sites allow you to play this game, including WinTrillions. After playing on these platforms you’ll have the following options to get your money:

  • Small amounts often get paid to your account automatically.
  • When betting on the outcome of this international lottery, a lottery site like Lottoland has insurance in place so they can even pay out massive amounts, should you guess all seven numbers correctly. You’ll receive the amount in your account.
  • For lottery agents that buy tickets on your behalf, they’ll pay your winnings when they receive it from the official lotteries. You may still need to travel to Europe to claim big prizes though.

Claiming EuroMillions Prize

Source: Lottoland

How Long Do You Have to Claim a EuroMillions Prize?

The validity period of tickets depends on how you play and where you play from. The table below will show you how quick you need to act in order to still have a valid ticket to claim a jackpot or other prize.

Country Claim period
Austria 3 years
Belgium 20 weeks
France 60 days
Ireland 90 days
Luxembourg 60 days
Portugal 90 days
Spain 3 months
Switzerland 180 days
UK 180 days

Will You Pay Tax on a EuroMillions Prize?

Paying tax is another topic that is dependent on where and how you decided to play EuroMillions. For one thing, when playing via online platforms such as theLotter, you do need to consult local tax experts in your country, because legislation differs between countries and you may need to pay taxes on money won in an international lottery.

For locals playing in Europe, the following list can help you plan and know what the legal requirements are.

Country Tax details
Austria Usually no tax payable
Belgium Usually no tax payable
France Usually no tax payable
Ireland Usually no tax payable
Luxembourg Usually no tax payable
Portugal 20% on amounts €5,000 or more
Spain 20% on amounts €40,000 or more
Switzerland 35% on amounts CHR1,000,000 or more
UK Usually no tax payable

Depending on what you plan on doing with your jackpot winnings, it’s often smart to consult a tax lawyer before putting your plan into action. For example, in the UK there are laws requiring tax payments on money gifted to others.

Final Thoughts

With a jackpot cap of over €200,000,000, who wouldn’t want to take a chance on EuroMillions? Even smaller prizes can mean some welcome cash in your pocket and now you know how to claim your winnings.

If you feel inspired to take a chance on this lottery, why not use your lucky numbers to play? With two draws each week, that jackpot can grow quickly and you may be the next big winner!

Remember to keep tickets signed and safe until you can put in your claim.


How does the EuroMillions Lottery work?

To play EuroMillions you need to pick five numbers between 1 and 50, as well as two numbers between 1 and 12. The latter numbers are called Lucky Stars. If all seven match the drawn numbers, you win the jackpot prize.

How much does it cost to play EuroMillions?

EuroMillions is a lottery that charges ₤2.50 or €2.50 per line of number you enter. When you use certain online platforms like lottery agents you may also need to pay a service fee.

How do I prove it’s my EuroMillions ticket?

Have a look at a traditional EuroMillions ticket and you’ll see you can fill in personal information on the back of it. This you should do as soon as you purchase it from a retail outlet, since it will help prove you were the original buyer.

For online ticket buyers there’s the benefit that your ticket will directly relate to your players account.

Is there a difference between EuroMillions and Eurojackpot?

Both Eurojackpot and EuroMillions are popular European lotteries, but they are different. Both have two draws a week and you need to match 7 numbers to win the big prize. However, the EuroMillions game has a higher starting jackpot amount and there are fewer European countries participating compared to Eurojackpot.

Which countries form part of EuroMillions?

Originally there were three countries that started EuroMillions, namely Spain, UK and France. Later on, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and Ireland joined in. You’re also eligible to play in Andorra, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein and Monaco.

Can you pick between lump sum and annuity when winning a EuroMillions jackpot?

Unlike some other major lotteries such as US Powerball, EuroMillions doesn’t give you the opportunity to choose how you want your jackpot winnings paid out. All winners of the big prize will receive a lump sum payout.

What was the biggest EuroMillions jackpot ever won?

This lottery is capped at amounts as big as €230 million and it grew to this impressive jackpot in 2022. In July 2022 someone did pick the right numbers and won this substantial prize.