How Hot and Cold Lottery Numbers Can Help You Win

To save time, lottery players choose quick pick options to auto generate their numbers. But if you want to use a bit of strategy to win the jackpot then consider manually picking your numbers. Using hot and cold numbers can help you win the lottery jackpot.

In this post, we’ve given you a full guide on what hot and cold numbers are and how you can use them to increase your chances of winning. We always recommend choosing your numbers carefully so you have a higher chance of getting that jackpot you’ve always wanted. Keep reading to find out more!

What Are Hot Numbers in the Lottery?

Hot numbers are ones that have been drawn in a lottery frequently. These numbers have a higher probability of being drawn in the next game. It should be noted that not all lotteries will have the same hot numbers. Some lotteries have 52 balls whereas others may have 69 balls so the hot numbers won’t be the same.

For example, in the South African National Lottery, the hottest number is 16 because it’s been drawn over 263 times. Other numbers that appear frequently in the same lottery are 2, 30, 23, and 8. There are also pairs that get drawn frequently. 15 and 47 have appeared 40 times in the South African lottery.

Even if you don’t get the full set of numbers correct, you may get at least two or three numbers correct when you pick hot numbers.

What are Cold Numbers?

Cold numbers show up less frequently in lottery draws. A number may have been drawn recently but it’s been drawn below average in all the draws for a specific lottery. Similar to hot numbers, every lottery will have different statistics on cold numbers.

For example, while the number 15 could be a cold number for Mega Millions this number could be the US Powerball’s hottest number. However, many experts suggest that players should play cold numbers because they could randomly show up in a draw.

Why are Hot and Cold Numbers Popular?

Hot and cold numbers appeal to avid lottery players who prefer to use strategies when choosing their numbers. A set of hot or cold numbers uses the most common winning numbers to determine the next lottery results.

Additionally, it allows players to choose their numbers based on probability and patterns as opposed to relying solely on luck. Although players have won the lottery using quick pick options or numbers from important dates, you’ll have a higher chance of winning using hot and cold numbers.

Probability of Hot and Cold Numbers Vs. Frequency

Probability is defined as a number between nil and one. It measures the chances of events that may or may not happen. With this theory, nil suggests that it’s possible an event will occur whereas one suggests it’s certain to happen.

On the other hand, frequency is a measure of how often an event occurs on average during a specific unit of time. You can build frequency using long-term observations.

You may want to apply the theory of frequency of numbers to your game but in the long term it may not be useful. Hot and cold numbers are not the same as frequency. Some players suggest that using frequency would result in a biased theory.

Based on the law of averages numbers have an equal probability of appearing. Therefore some cold numbers can appear in the next draw in place of hot numbers. So you shouldn’t only use numbers that appear frequently.

How to Find Hot and Cold Numbers for a Particular Lottery

To use hot or cold numbers you’ll need to find out what numbers have been drawn over a specific period of time for a lottery. There are lotteries such as the South African National Lottery that provide statistics on how often certain numbers have been drawn. However, not all lotteries provide the same information.

You may have to do extensive research to find hot or cold numbers for your particular lottery. Most lotteries provide results for previous games. You can also find previous draws through lottery sites such as WinTrillions or LottoAgent.

Here’s how to find previous draws on WinTrillions:

  1. Go to the WinTrillions site
  2. Click on results
  3. Choose the lottery you want from the list
  4. There will be a section where you can select the date
  5. Click on the dropdown menu to see results from previous months or years

Alternatively, you can use Google to search for number stats for a particular lottery. For example, you can search for US Powerball number stats and the results will show you how many times each number has been drawn in the lottery.

Lottery Games That Work with Hot and Cold Numbers

There are some lottery games that don’t work well with hot and cold numbers. Avoid using this theory for Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games because they have a limited pool of numbers. This is because if a lottery only has 10 numbers each number can be drawn more than once which makes using hot or cold numbers a waste of time.

You should choose lotteries that have at least 50 to 69 numbers if you’re going to use hot or cold numbers to play the game. Lotteries that work extremely well with cold or hot numbers include:

All the above lotteries have an excellent range of numbers that will provide sufficient data on the best numbers to choose.

How to Use Hot and Cold Numbers

When you’ve determined what numbers are hot or cold for a specific lottery you can use the information you’ve gathered in many ways. In this section, we explain how to choose your numbers and the different ways to play them.

Using Only Cold Numbers

You shouldn’t limit your choices to only playing hot numbers. Some players also value cold numbers. Using the latest drawings, pick the numbers that appeared the least because they may have a higher chance of being drawn in the next game.

Once you’ve found a list of cold numbers you can narrow them down by choosing the numbers you need for a particular game. For example, if you have 25, 19, 8, 9, 22, 16, 38, 50, 2, and 1 you can choose 5 numbers from the list or 1 of them as your Powerball number.

Using Only Hot Numbers

Most lottery players prefer to only use hot numbers from a particular lottery. You can create an easy game using the first numbers that have been drawn more frequently and use them to create number combinations.

Here’s an example of how you can use hot numbers. An image that EuroMillions has the following hot numbers:

17, 5, 21, 6, and 25.

EuroMillions is a 5/50 game so you can generate the following number combinations:

  • 17, 6, 25, 21, 5
  • 25, 17, 21, 6, 5
  • 17, 6, 25, 5, 21
  • 25, 6, 17, 21, 5
  • 21, 17, 25, 6, 5

Using 1 Hot Number

Using the hot number theory you can see which number from your chosen lottery is the hottest out of all of them. This number will appear in all draws over a specific period of time. You can then use this one hot number as a key number if you’re using lottery combinations.

A set of numbers may have thousands of number combinations. It would be expensive to play all these combinations. Including a key number using a hot number theory can reduce the quantity of combinations and you’ll have at least one winning number in each combination if it gets drawn.

Combination of Hot and Cold Numbers

There is no sure way to predict a lottery draw even if you use the most frequently drawn numbers on your ticket. We’ve also mentioned that cold numbers also have a probability of being drawn. We suggest playing a combination of hot and cold numbers.

For example, if you have to pick 5 numbers you could have 3 hot and 2 cold numbers in your combination. Or you can have 4 hot and 1 cold numbers in your set. If you have to choose 6 numbers for a lottery you use 3 cold numbers and 3 hot numbers.

There is no clear evidence that cold numbers can reduce your pool of possibilities. You can play around with combinations to see which works for you. Having a combination of hot and cold numbers still gives you higher odds compared to the quick pick option.

Hot and Cold Numbers with a Strategy

Once you’ve decided which hot or cold numbers you’re going to use there are various strategies that could increase your chances of winning even more! Here are popular lottery strategies you can use with your hot or cold numbers.


Joining a syndicate is ideal if you want to play more number combinations but without having to spend more money on tickets. A syndicate is a group of lottery players that pool money together to buy more lottery tickets.

Whether you’ve chosen hot, cold or a combination of numbers you can enter them when you play with a group of people. This allows you to play more number combinations that have a higher probability of being drawn.

Lottery Wheels

A lottery wheel allows you to play every possible number combination using a set of chosen numbers. Most players prefer to only have hot numbers when playing a lottery wheel. You can also choose either a hot or cold number as a key number to narrow down your combinations.

Playing all possible number combinations can be expensive so you can try different types of lottery wheels such as an abbreviated wheel. This doesn’t include all lottery combinations. Or you can choose a Pick 3 wheel where you include 3 numbers for your set per combination.

For a Pick 3 lottery wheel you can use 3 hot numbers in every combination. Or you can have a mixture of 2 hot numbers and 1 cold number in every combination.

Create Your Own Lottery Algorithm

You can create your own lottery algorithm using Excel. An algorithm is a set of instructions that can help you solve complicated tasks. A lottery prediction algorithm uses a large selection of numbers to help you pick the correct numbers for your game.

Using Excel you can analyze hundreds or thousands of numbers. This algorithm can predict which numbers are more likely to show up in a draw. Enter your hot or cold numbers in your Excel spreadsheet to see which numbers you should pick based on the results.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hot and Cold Numbers

So now that you know more about what hot and cold numbers are, should you use them? There are some pros and cons for each theory. To help you make your decision we’ve provided a table explaining the advantages and disadvantages of hot and cold numbers.

Cold and Hot Numbers
Advantages Disadvantages
You can generate combinations with a strategy You may play the same numbers as other players
You’ll have a clear understanding of which numbers to choose Spending money on a theory that isn’t proven to work 100%
Reduce the number of possible combinations to save money in tickets Excluding numbers that also have a possibility of being drawn
Choosing numbers with the highest chance of being drawn Hot and cold numbers can be difficult to find for some lotteries

Final Thoughts

Using hot or cold numbers doesn’t guarantee a lottery win. No method can predict which lottery numbers will be drawn in a game. However, hot and cold numbers is simply another fun lottery strategy you can use to boost your chances of winning. Even if you don’t win a lottery jackpot you still have a chance of winning from other tiers. 

Consider using a combination of hot and cold numbers along with other strategies such as a lottery wheel or a prediction algorithm. Once you have your chosen numbers you can play through reputable lottery sites such as LottoSmiles, LottoLand, or WinTrillions. These sites offer bonuses on lottery tickets and exciting promotions on your favorite games.


What are USA Powerball hot and cold numbers?

The USA Powerball hot numbers include 67, 68, 66, 65, and 60. The number 67 has been played 65 times since 2012 while 60 has been drawn 57 times. The lottery game’s cold numbers include 41, 16, 36, 39, and 32 in the same number of years.

What are the top 6 hot numbers for Mega Millions?

The top 6 hot numbers most drawn for Mega Millions are 31, 17, 39, 48, 4, and 10. The most drawn Mega Ball number is 22 which has been drawn 33 times since October 2017. The number 14 has been drawn 53 times since 2017 while 10 has been played 49 times.

Should you play hot or cold numbers?

Hot numbers have been drawn frequently and could appear in the next draw. However, this isn’t always a given simply because they’ve been used often by lottery players! Cold numbers are played less frequently, and have less probability of appearing in the next draw but equally so, could be drawn because they’re not picked often.

What are the 6 most common winning lottery numbers?

Six hot numbers that are the most common winning lottery numbers include 23, 34, 7,5, 69, and 33. These numbers are drawn most frequently across most lottery games. However, each lottery also has its own set of lucky hot numbers most frequently drawn.