How to Play Jackpot Lotto – 6 Steps for Beginners

Why wait for a draw happening once every 7 days if you can play a lottery that gives you a chance to win EVERY day of the week? Actually, it’s twice every day, so that’s 14 times you can become the winner of €100,000 this coming week!

That’s the benefit of JackpotLotto, a very popular online lottery game to play and it doesn’t cost a lot to play either. It has an easy game setup and we’ll share all the necessary tips, along with a detailed ‘How to’ guide, so you can feel comfortable setting your bets in this lottery – even by playing online from the comfort of your home!

What You Should Know About the Jackpot Lotto

JackpotLotto lottery logo

Frequency of the Draws

Best feature of this draw is how often the draws take place. You’ll have a chance two times every day to win a jackpot. Since your chances to win improve the more you play, this lottery helps you optimize your chances of walking away with a lottery prize this week!

Times of the Draws

The one draw takes place in the afternoon and the other at night. If you prefer playing lotteries that have draws outside of work hours, the later draw is for you.

For those who want excitement all through the day to brighten up boring work hours, this lottery is also a good option. After all, it’s easy to stay up to date with the draw outcomes, even on busy days because it’s an internal lottery managed by reputable lottery site They make sure to keep their users up to date with the latest news. So, you can check if you’ve won at any time of the day.

Your options of draws to enter for are:

  • 1:40 pm CET
  • 8:40 pm CET

Ticket Prices

Almost anyone can enjoy playing JackpotLotto thanks to its affordability. Normal ticket prices are only €0.50 and there are other options that can bring down the price per line substantially (see section below about subscriptions).

With this game you only have the option of playing vir, since it’s their own internal lottery. The benefit to you is that there are no service fees that will be applicable, as is the case when playing other games, such as MegaMillions, on lottery sites.

Who is Behind JackpotLotto?

This lottery is a popular feature on the online lottery site that hosts it, namely And if you want to do more than just play Jackpot Lotto, the platform allows you to bet on the outcome of many lotteries from all over the globe.



The brand decided to add to their offerings by establishing a lottery of their own. Now, JackpotLotto is an exclusive feature and one of the many reasons to try out the site.

When Did it Start?

You’ll be forgiven if you don’t know about this lottery yet, because it hasn’t been around that long. It was established in 2019, so it’s fairly new compared to other well-known lotteries like EuroMillions.

However, despite it being less-known, you can try it out with peace of mind. Because a respected brand like is behind the game, you can have fun with it and be assured you’ll get your payouts.

Who Regulates JackpotLotto?

You can also trust this lottery is safe to play because it’s regulated by a reputable gambling authority. You’ll see it falls under the UK Gambling Commission, which has strict rules in place. It is licensed and regulated by this entity.

Prize Tiers

One of the reasons why this is such a simple game to join in, is because of the prize setup. There are only two prize categories. You either win the jackpot prize of €100,000 (remember, that amount is available twice every day), or you can win a chance to bet again in another draw, for free. You can get this free bet even if you only have just one number correct, but it MUST be the jackpot number. More details on that later in this article.

Number Generating Method

With this lottery you don’t necessarily watch a draw of different balls. The organizers use an iRNG. This is an Insured Random Number Generator. Here, the benefit is that security measures like time stamps act as protection for players, because the results are monitored closely to prevent problems and fraud.

Odds of Winning

One of the attractions of a game like this is the excellent odds. Here your chances of winning a prize – a free bet at least – is 1 in 5. That’s much more alluring than a bigger lottery like Powerball’s odds, where your chances are 1 in 24 to walk away with at least something. And of course, your odds of winning the €100,000 jackpot is much better compared to larger lotteries.

Do note that you have to get the jackpot ball correct in order to be eligible for a prize. Still, it’s worth it since it gets pretty easy to get a prize if you only have to get one number correct.

Prize Numbers matched Odds of Winning
Jackpot 6 main numbers + Jackpot ball 1:79,453,500
Free bet 5 main numbers + Jackpot ball 1:300,960
Free bet 4 main numbers + Jackpot ball 1:5,599
Free bet 3 main numbers + Jackpot ball 1:299
Free bet 2 main numbers + Jackpot ball 1:39
Free bet 1 main numbers + Jackpot ball 1:12
Free bet 0 main numbers + Jackpot ball 1:11

Benefit of Subscription

Apart from increasing your chances of winning, there’s one more reason to play more than one set of numbers and to play regularly: you’ll pay MUCH less., the organizers of the game, offers extremely low costs per line if you commit to a subscription. There are monthly and 3-monthly subscriptions and when using this you can pay as little as €0.18 or even €0.09 per line bet.

The additional benefit of this setup is that bets get automated, so you won’t miss out by accidentally forgetting to pick your numbers.

Steps to Play the Jackpot Lotto

Pick the Platform and Register

JackpotLotto currently features on the platform only, so you won’t find it on other lottery agents’ pages. But you can still use LottoSmile or WinTrillions to play your other favorite lottery games.

On you need to register an account in order to play.

Register on JackpotLotto

Opening your account is a simple process and then you can pick JackpotLotto from their extensive list of available games. An easy way to find it is by using the platform’s sitemap or checking under the Results tab on the top menu.

Results tab on Jackpot Lotto


Pick Your Numbers

When making a bet, pick your own set of lucky numbers, or use the platform’s Quickpick setting to quickly ready your betting slip.

For this lottery you’ll pick from two sets of numbers:

  • Pick 6 numbers in the number range of 1 – 50
  • Pick one Jackpot number between 1 and 5

Quickpick at Jackpot Lotto


Use Free Bets Where Applicable

If you’re a regular player in this lottery, chances are that you’ll win a few free bets along the line. Don’t forget to use this benefit when you get your bets ready for the next draw. Double check if you’ve won anything in the previous game and use the free bet privilege to increase your chances of winning again.

Check the Results

Although this game is only accessed through, there are other lottery related sites that also share information about the game. So, bookmark such a page for quick access to draw results.

If is your favorite lottery site, you’ll love their user-friendly system. They publish the lottery results, but you can also expect an email with the information.

Note Your Free Bet Wins

Look at the odds above and you’ll see there’s a very good chance that you’ll win a free bet to play JackpotLotto again. So, make sure if you’re eligible for a free bet for upcoming draws and don’t miss out on a chance to win via a free play! Why not place that free bet immediately, before you forget? After all, the next draw will only be a few hours away!

6. Check Your Account does promise to send winnings to its players automatically. Still, the onus rests on you as the account holder to make sure it’s paid in. Monitor your balance and contact their customer care if you don’t get your money. Luckily the platform provides various communication options to streamline the process, including online support.

Tips on How to Win the Jackpot Lotto

Tip 1: Play Often

As stated, this lottery makes it easy to play often, thanks to giving you two draws a day. Remember, the more you participate, the better your odds get to win at some stage.

Also, a daily draw makes it easy to quickly get into the habit of betting on a lottery, because it happens on such a regular basis. Simply add reminders to your calendar, and soon it will be part of your daily routine to pick your number sets for each draw.

Tip 2: Get a Subscription’s subscription services make it so easy to play regularly, so do consider committing to this. The extremely low price per bet also makes it easy on a player’s budget to take part without breaking the bank.

Tip 3: Change it Up

Use the regular draws to try out a range of different number sequences. With this being a cheap lottery to play, it’s a safe way to try out different strategies without spending a lot of money. If you’ve ever wondered if certain dates or numbers could bring you luck, why not try a different one each day?

Tip 4: Stick to One Sequence

The frequency of draws also creates a welcome opportunity for those who have specific numbers that have significance for them. This can be a lucky number set like birthday related numbers. Commit to a set of digits and play it twice every day. Because of the randomness associated with lotteries, at some stage, that set should be the winning set of numbers, but it will come around much quicker than with weekly lotteries like EuroJackpot.

Tip 5: Use a Syndicate Approach

An affordable lottery like this offers an ideal scenario to almost guarantee a win. You and a few others can pool your money and have enough to buy a substantial number of tickets with different number sequences. This will give you great odds to win that first prize, resulting in some welcome extra cash for everyone.

Of course, with a smaller jackpot than large lotteries like Mega Millions, dividing the prize doesn’t leave you with a huge amount of money. Therefore, try and launch your syndicate with as few people as possible, but with a large enough pool to buy a number of tickets that greatly optimizes your odds.

Final Thoughts represents all there is about keeping lottery betting fun. It happens often, the odds are great and it’s an affordable game to try.

Will you give it a go and become one of the many €100,000-prize winners? It could happen this week! And with subscriptions you don’t even have to waste time each week placing your bets. Let the system handle it for you and simply enjoy the wins when they come along!

Lottery agents clearly know what their audiences want, because this is one excellent product, backed by a reputable lottery site on today’s market.


When do entries close for JackpotLotto?

Entries for this game’s afternoon draw will close 10 minutes before the draw. In the evening you have less time to place your bets, as entries will close 30 minutes before the draw. You only have until 8:10 pm to buy your ticket for the day’s 8:40 pm draw.

What happens if there’s more than one winner?

Anyone winning on the lower prize tier will get a free bet as a prize. When there are two or more jackpot winners, the prize money will be divided between them in equal amounts.

What prizes are available in JackpotLotto?

There are only two prize options in JackpotLotto. You either win the €100,000 jackpot by guessing all 7 numbers correctly, or a free bet by guessing the jackpot number correctly.

What happens if I forget the numbers I picked?

When playing on, your numbers will be saved to your account. Therefore, you can refer to the information at any time to see if you’ve won in the latest draw.