Is There a Mantra to Win the Lottery?

Playing the lottery may be a game of luck, but many believe it’s possible to improve your luck. And what better way than tapping into the powers of the spirit to guide you in choosing your next set of numbers?

By learning more about mantras and their application in life, you’ll see why many lottery players use this method as part of their lottery playing strategy. Yes, they use it whether they buy tickets in person or play online!

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Whether you believe in a bit of magic, the importance of religious practices or want to discover how spiritual powers can impact your life, we have some interesting tips to share. Read this before playing your next Mega Millions or EuroJackpot ticket.

What is a Mantra?

Mantras have their origins in Hinduism and Buddhism and the first ones were created in Vedic Sanskrit. In its simplest form, a mantra is a sound, but in many cases it’s a word or a statement. This can have a specific meaning, but not all mantras can be defined or explained in a literal sense.

When using a mantra during meditation, you’ll usually repeat the sound or words multiple times. You can voice it aloud, but saying a mantra internally as a thought is also acceptable.

As a sacred utterance, many believe a mantra to have mystical value. And below you’ll discover how you can use that mystical power to your benefit when playing the lottery.

How to Use a Mantra – General Advice

It’s important not to view mantras as a ‘get rich quick’ plan. When researching mantras you’ll realize how much time and patience it takes to master the practice. Therefore, understand that picking a mantra is the start of a process that can eventually help you win that jackpot you’re dreaming of.

With mantras rooted in religions that value moral living, it’s advisable to use your winnings to help others. You can either donate some of the money to those less fortunate or buy items that you give to others who are in need.

Steps When Using Your Mantra to Win the Lottery – Practical Example

There may be unique guidelines that are appropriate for each mantra carrying the potential to increase your luck. Therefore, talk to your spiritual mentors or research the mantras you plan to use. We do share some guidelines in the next section too.

Usually the process that optimizes the outcome of a mantra will resemble the following:

Step General guideline Example, as used with Pishachi Mantra
1 Pick a time Note: with some mantras you should do it on nights where there’s no moon
2 Cleanse yourself Take a bath
3 Pick an outfit Dress in red clothing
4 Start worshiping and provide an offering Worship and offer a coconut; Use items like incense sticks and flowers
5 Use light Light up an oil lamp, or ideally a diya lamp. You should place it in front of the coconut.
6 Perform the spiritual practice (also called sadhana) and use items with spiritual value, such as pendants Hold up a red cloth and a coral Jaap Mala.
7 Chant Repeat the mantra 11 times.
Note: The number of times you need to recite the mantra will depend on the one you pick. You may also need to repeat the practice for several days.
8 Put the power to use Take the red cloth that you used during the sadhana with you when you buy a lottery ticket.
9 End off When you’ve won your lottery prize, place the coconut you used in a river.

Mantras to Win the Lottery – Examples

There isn’t one specific mantra to help you win the lottery. Rather, there are a few related to topics such as prosperity that could be key to enhancing your luck. Experts believe they can have effects such as influencing positive vibrations that could lead to wealth. And if you play the lottery, that means it can influence your next ticket’s outcome, right?

Here are some examples to pick from:

Mantra Important Information on this Mantra
Pishachi Mantra Om Kleem Pishachi Aaksmik Dhanam Dehi Dehi Phat Swaha ||
Kubera Mantra oommjrii mmmjrii mmme


shru-iimmmo omm

This is a popular mantra for people who want to win the lottery, because Kubera is the god of wealth.
While chanting, sit in a traditional pose associated with meditation. Also imagine your goal, which in this case is winning a jackpot prize.
Kali Mantra Chet Mai Chet Mai Kalka Chetave Tera Balka Sote KoJaga Jagte KoBaitha SatteKa Number AaneKa Bata Duhai Guru Gorakhnath Ki NathJiKoAadesh Tips for performing the practice:

  • Wear black clothing
  • Worship using red flowers
  • Sesame lamp oil is best to use
  • The lamp must face west, and you must face south
  • Perform the practice on a moonless night
  • You must chant the mantra 108 times
Tantrik Laxmi Om Namo Bhagwati Padmashree

Om Hreem Purva Dakshin

Uttar Paschim Dhan Dravya Aave

Sarvajanya Vaishyam Kuru Kuru Namah ll

Tips for this practice:

  • Keep a Laxmi idol nearby during the practice
  • Use 10 diya lamps
  • Say this mantra for 10 days
  • Perform it on Diwali
  • Use a black blanket (Kambli)

Tips When Using a Mantra to Win the Lottery

Apart from picking the appropriate mantra, enhance the chances of the mantra working for you by implementing the following tips:

  • Consult a guru when you plan on using a mantra to win the lottery. You should ask permission of this teacher to use the mantra for this purpose.
  • Most experts advise you to chant the mantra on a daily basis. It’s best to do this in the morning before you go about your day’s activities.
  • Make use of additional aids, such as a yantra, as making this part of your worship can benefit the outcome of the meditation. If businessmen use the yantra diagram to be successful, there’s the possibility that it can also help you become prosperous through playing lotteries like US Powerball.
  • Some experts believe the more you recite a mantra the faster you’ll get the outcome you hope for.
  • When using a Lakshmi mantra, add a picture of the goddess to your practice.
  • Use pure products, such as cow ghee, when following the steps.

Jackpot Mantras – Do They Really Work?

To manage your own expectations, it’s important to understand that using a mantra, whether to play a lottery on a lottery site, or for another aspect of your life, is not always a ‘quick fix’. It may take patience and determination to keep going before you see the change you’re hoping for. Still, for centuries people have used spiritual approaches like saying mantras, and some of them have seen their wishes come to pass. Who says a mantra can’t be key to you becoming a huge jackpot winner?

We do advise you to use as many strategies as possible to boost your luck though, and you can implement ones you feel comfortable using. Pair your mantra with using your horoscope to identify lucky numbers or use these strategies that lottery experts advise players to try:

  • Playing often, as your chances of winning increase when you play more.
  • Joining a syndicate so your pooled money can help you purchase more tickets.
  • Using Quick Pick numbers, as a large percentage of jackpot winners have won with a number set chosen this way.

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  • Lottery software that does calculations on your behalf, determining the set of numbers with a higher likelihood of being drawn.
  • Looking at data of hot and cold numbers, and using it to choose your set of numbers.

Final Thoughts

With mantras originating in India as far back as 1000 BC, Indian lottery players may find it especially appropriate to try one of these mantras as a way to increase the likelihood to win big when playing a favorite lottery on LottoSmile. However, anyone from around the globe can feel free to try out this unique way of bettering your odds.

The bonus of utilizing lottery strategies like mantras is that you can implement these guidelines no matter how you play your favorite games. Do it before heading out to your local retailer or follow the steps we shared when you play online using theLotter or WinTrillions. The principles of mantras will apply in all these scenarios!

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What is the mantra for money?

An example of a mantra for money is as follows:

“Om Shring Hring Kling Tribhuvan Mahalakshmyai Asmaakam Daaridray Naashay Prachur Dhan Dehi Dehi Kling Hring Shring Om”
ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं त्रिभुवन महालक्ष्म्यै अस्मांक दारिद्र्य नाशय प्रचुर धन देहि देहि क्लीं ह्रीं श्रीं ॐ ।

It represents the wish that abundant wealth and prosperity be with the person.

Why is Lakshmi associated with prosperity?

The goddess Lakshmi, also referred to as Mahalakshmi, is the deity related to prosperity, fortunes and immense wealth. This is clear from how she’s portrayed in physical form, as she usually wears elegant clothing and is golden in color. People believe she brings you good luck, so it makes sense to honor her when looking for ways to improve your lottery odds through mantras.

Is it legal to play the lottery in India?

There are 28 states in India and in some of them it is legal to enjoy lottery games. There are strict laws in place, such as private individuals not being allowed to conduct a lottery - it must be run by state governments. Also, a lottery may not be able to sell tickets for a certain state to players in another state.

There are areas, such as Telangana and Punjab, with stricter rules that have placed bans on online lotteries. However, online lottery sites such as LottoSmile are an option for many players in India, as it’s legal to use these platforms in over 10 of the states, even if the site is managed from outside India.