Is it Possible to Win The Lottery with Lotto Number Predictions?

The odds of winning the lottery are quite low especially if you play popular games. So you may turn to lotto predictions as a strategy. What’s more there are many players that claim they have figured out a way to predict lottery numbers.

But how true are these claims and can you really win the lottery using lotto number predictions? We’ve done the research so we can give you the answers you’re looking for. So before you think you have a sure shot at winning the lottery with predictions read this article first!

Can You Predict The Lottery?

Before you can win a massive jackpot, you’ll need to match all numbers in a draw. In some lotteries such as Oz Lotto, you need all seven numbers to win. The same is true when winning the US Powerball. So many try to tell you that they can predict the lottery results to scam players into paying them for their predictions.

The truth is no one can predict the exact numbers that will appear in any given lottery. You can use methods to help you choose numbers such as creating an excel lottery prediction algorithm. But other than that there is no guarantee that lottery predictions will help you win the jackpot. 

Lucky Numbers

While there is no way that you can know the exact numbers that will be drawn in a lottery, there are certain numbers that may show up in a draw more than once. These numbers are considered the luckiest numbers to play. 

But this will depend on the lottery you play. For example, in the SA Lotto 16 is the number most drawn. On the other hand, in the US Powerball 17 was the number most drawn. In the Mega Millions lottery numbers 58, 27, 28, and 26 are considered lucky because of the number of times they showed up in a draw.

Take a look at past lottery draws of the game you want to play to see which numbers have shown up often. These will then be considered the luckiest numbers to play.

Strategies and Systems

There are many lottery strategies that you can use to help you choose numbers to play. Some people choose quick picks while others carefully choose their numbers based on important dates or birthdays.

However, there are other ways you can choose your numbers such as the following:

  • Hot: Drawn most frequently.
  • Cold: Drawn less frequently.
  • Overdue: Numbers that haven’t shown up in recent draws.

There is also a strategy called the wheeling system. This system helps you target a certain number of common numbers and then play scientific combinations of those numbers.

Another lottery strategy allows you to choose a combination of odds and even numbers. There is a theory that suggests that draws will have all odds or all even numbers. So you must choose a combination of the two.

Lottery Prediction Software

There are lottery prediction software or tools that may use algorithms or probability to predict lottery numbers. However, it should be noted that these platforms don’t guarantee a lottery win. It’s simply another strategy that can help you pick numbers that could increase your chances of winning.

Here is a list of prediction software you can use:

  • Pick3Sniper
  • Lotto Pro
  • WinSlips
  • LotWin
  • PowerFall

Some games will help generate combinations and others have wheeling systems that you can try.

What Mathematicians Have To Say

There was a study conducted by a Brazilian mathematician named Renato Gianella. The study is called Geometry of Chance. It suggests that the lottery follows a predicted pattern and finds that not all numbers have the same probability of being drawn.

The mathematician claims that you may be able to predict the results of a lottery draw by using complicated math and probability. You can follow the same behavior patterns as predicted by the Law of Large Numbers.

Successfully Predicted Lotto Numbers

There have been stories of people who’ve successfully predicted lottery numbers. The most famous of them all is when Derren Brown predicted all six lottery numbers for the UK Lottery.

The way Derren predicted the numbers is by asking 24 people to predict six numbers. He added up the totals for each set of numbers and then divided them by 24 and that led him to get all six numbers correct.

Avoid Websites That Claim They Can Predict Lotto Numbers

There are many websites that claim to predict lottery numbers. You may get tarot card readers or people who claim to be clairvoyant that will tell you they can give you the exact numbers that will be drawn.

These websites will typically ask you to pay them a fee in order for them to do a reading for you. Don’t fall for the scams! They simply want to make money off of people who will believe their lies. There is no way that anyone can predict the exact numbers that will be drawn.


Has anyone successfully predicted lottery numbers? 

Yes, as a demonstration Derren Brown predicted the UK Lottery numbers and all six of them were correct. Unfortunately, he wasn’t an actual player. He was simply making a demonstration.

Are there legitimate lottery prediction platforms? 

Yes, there are legitimate lottery prediction platforms that you can try. But they don’t guarantee a win. These platforms simply use various methods to generate a combination of numbers you can play with. 

Has anyone ever won using lottery prediction software?

There have been no reports of anyone winning the lottery using prediction software. If it were the case people would win the lottery all the time. The game is designed to make it difficult for people to win the jackpot prize.

Is a quick pick a form of lottery prediction? 

No, a quick pick system simply automatically generates random numbers so that you don’t have to manually choose them. This is a quick and easy way for players to choose numbers. However, a quick pick isn’t a prediction system.

In The End, The Lottery is Still a Game of Chance

At the end of the day, the lottery is a game of chance. This means you may or may not win based on the numbers you choose. If everyone was able to predict numbers there would be more winners.

On the other hand, you can increase your chances if you use different lottery strategies. Or you can develop your own algorithms using excel. Take our advice and don’t fall for websites claiming they can predict numbers.

Simply enjoy the game by trying out various methods when choosing your numbers. You can also join a lottery syndicate to increase your odds. We hope this article was of value to you. Use the advice in this post when playing the lottery.