Irish Daily Million

Irish Daily Million

Play the Irish Daily Million lottery to hit the €1 million jackpot twice a day.
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GYD 1,000,000
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Guide to playing Irish Daily Million online

A lottery that replaced the age-old Monday Million in Ireland, Irish Daily Million online is one of the best European lotteries online. It follows the same format as the Monday Million with two drawings held daily.

The jackpot for the Irish Daily Million is €1,000,000. That’s just the top prize – below it are cash rewards from as little as €3 in scratch cards all the way up to €10,000 as a cash reward. To win the top prize, you must guess the first six numbers correctly which are drawn by the Irish National Lottery.

If you’re lucky to do that, the Irish Daily Million can be quite profitable.

What is Irish Daily Million Online?

As mentioned, the Irish Daily Million replaced the popular Monday Million in Ireland in 2012. It’s a lottery that follows the same format with 6 out of 39 numbers drawn by the Irish National Lottery and a bonus number that could boost your winnings if you’re lucky.

Irish Daily Million online is available at the best online lottery sites such as The Lotter and Lottogo. It’s an excellent lottery with massive winning potential, and the fact that it’s drawn twice a day makes it even more appealing for lotto fans.

In regards to the format, it’s just like the Monday Million never left. The goal remains to pick six numbers drawn by the lottery and an eventual bonus number that can boost your winnings. If you’ve ever played lotto online, you’ll have no problem with this Irish gem.

How to Play Irish Daily Million

Playing the Irish Daily Million will require you to place a bet first on a minimum of one line. The cost of any additional line is doubled. Each play is made by the player who marks six numbers on a line manually. If you’re feeling lucky, you can use the Quick Pick numbers and let the system choose randomly for you.

The numbers you can select go from 1 to 39. If you’ve played the Irish Daily Million online before, you can look through your purchase history and select those bets. You can also go with your favorite numbers you’ve saved previously if you believe that they’ll be lucky for you.

When you’re ready, start the game and cross your fingers. All that remains is to check the draw and see if you’re a winner. The six numbers drawn by the Irish national lottery and the bonus will be publicly provided to the media, so everything is fair and square.

If the top prize is not won, it won’t roll over to the next draw.

Daily Million Plus

Before you complete your play slip, you’ll have the option to select or deselect the Daily Million Plus. With this option, you can select additional numbers on the payslip and get the chance to score an extra €500,000 in the plus draws.

The minimum you can go for is one, while the maximum Daily Million Plus draws you can bet on is 7.

Irish Daily Million Odds

The odds on the Irish Daily Million online can be seen right next to the name and logo at the best online lottery betting sites. For this particular lotto game, the odds to win the jackpot are 1 in 3,262,623. When it comes to the lower prizes, the odds are very favorable at 1 in 28 for the Daily Million and 1 in 14 if you play the Daily Million Plus together.

Even if you don’t hit the million, the Irish Daily Million lottery has plenty of other enticing rewards that could make you richer by up to €10,000. You can try it at The Lotter or Lottogo and give it a try if you’re in for a million. We most certainly are.


These are the winnings for the luckiest players in the Irish Daily Million online:

  • 6 numbers: wins or share €1,000,000
  • 5 numbers + bonus: €10,000
  • 5 numbers: €500
  • 4 numbers + bonus: €100
  • 4 numbers: €25
  • 3 numbers + bonus: €10
  • 3 numbers: €3

Irish Daily Million FAQs

Is the Irish Daily Million easy to win?

The Irish Daily Million online is not easy to win – no lottery is. The chances to hit the million are small, yet noticeable more respectable with this lottery than others. The odds are 1 in 28, so you have a decent chance to become a millionaire.

What are the odds to win the Irish Daily Million?

The odds of winning the Irish Daily Million online lottery are 1 in 3,262,623. Those odds are much better than what you get with Germany’s Lotto or the US Powerball.

Are there lottery secrets to winning the Irish Daily Million?

There’s no secret or trick to win the lotto. Many people use strategies to optimize their profits, but keep in mind that this is entirely a game of chance, not skills.