Jackpot Millions

Jackpot Millions

€1 million played daily for €1.50 per ticket!

Guide to playing JackpotMillions instant lottery

JackpotMillions is instant lottery exclusively available at Jackpot.com, one of the best online lottery betting sites. It has taken its place among the popular instant online lotteries thanks to its high jackpot amount up to €1 million and frequently-held draws. Moreover, a line costs as little as €1.5. If you purchase a monthly subscription, you can lower the line price to a mere €0.36. That is a price which is hard to beat.

Playing JackpotMillions is not different from playing the best European online lotteries such as EuroMillions and Eurojackpot. You need to choose a set of numbers and make your purchase. Afterwards, all you have to do is wait for the draw. We’ll explain more about this fun-filled lottery game further in our JackpotMillions guide.

How to Play JackpotMillions Online

In order to play JackpotMillions online, you need to create a free account at Jackpot.com. You can find answers to your questions regarding this popular online lottery site in our detailed Jackpot.com guide. Once you verify your identity and activate your account, navigate to the Lotteries section and choose JackpotMillions in the list.

JackpotMillions’ structure is built on a 6 out of 50 matrix. It means that you need to pick 6 lucky numbers between 1 and 50 and a bonus number called magic ball from 1 to 5. You need to guess all of the 6 winning numbers and the magic ball number in order to win the jackpot amount or a share from it depending on the number of jackpot winners.

JackpotMillions draw takes place daily at 20:00 GMT. So you need to place your selection and make your payment a little bit before the draw time. Otherwise, you’ll only enter the draw of the next day. You can make your payment via one of the best online lottery payment methods available at Jackpot.com. Their selection of banking options include high-tech options like eWallets and traditional methods like bank transfer. The choice is yours. If you bag a prize, you can withdraw your winnings through an online payment method of your choice.

Prizes in JackpotMillions

The fixed jackpot amount offered by JackpotMillions is €1 million. You need to guess all the 6 winning numbers and the magic ball number in order to bag this prize. If there are more jackpot winners who entered the same draw, then the jackpot amount is evenly shared among the winners.

Hitting the jackpot is not the only way to win a prize in a JackpotMillions draw. If you guess only 2 of the winning numbers, you’ll get €1. Although it doesn’t seem like an appealing amount, it might accumulate if you are a lottery enthusiast who enters multiple draws. You can even purchase monthly or 3-monthly subscriptions. Simply choose your lucky numbers and the system enters each draw for the duration of the subscriptions on your behalf. This way you get a humongous discount as well. If you purchase a monthly subscription, you can get a line as cheap as €0.36.

Last but not least, you can win a lucrative free lottery ticket bonus if you guess the winning magic ball number correctly. Check our Jackpot.com review to find out the latest online lottery bonuses offered at this online lottery platform.

JackpotMillions Guide – Final Verdict

If you are bored with the traditional lotteries and looking for an alternative with a big jackpot amount and low-priced lines, then JackpotMillions is the right lottery game for you. If you are a type of lottery player who likes to enter multiple draws frequently, then the monthly subscription service might be what you’ve been looking for. You can simply choose the Quick Pick option and let the system enter the draws for you. You’ll only have to withdraw your winnings from time to time.