$16M Lottery ticket was spent for weeks in the wallet of an oblivious winner

A Canadian man who claimed he had forgotten his ticket for almost two months after winning a $16 million lottery jackpot said that he forgot it in his wallet.

Jerry Knot of Wasagamack (Manitoba), stated to Western Canada Lottery Corp. officials that he purchased a ticket for the Aug. 24, Lotto Max drawing at Lac du Bonnet and put it in his wallet. He then promptly forgot all about it.

Knot claimed it was almost two months later when Knot was visiting Winnipeg to attend his daughter’s wedding. He noticed the ticket in his pocket. The ticket was taken to a store for scanning.

Knot said,

“I saw two zeroes in a group and thought, Cool, I won $20,000‘.”

He claimed that the clerk at the store told him to look again.

He said,

“I didn’t know what she was talking to until she looked at it again and found a few more zeroes than I thought.”

Knot had won $16,180,800 ($20,000,000 Canadian) in the lottery’s $16,180,000.

The winner stated that he will use the money to build cottages in Big Stone Lake with his brother to create a treatment center or business offering wilderness experiences.

He said,

“We were inspired to build remote fly-in fishing resorts by all the big companies up north.”