After winning $500K in the lottery, Victoria and her husband plan to purchase a home

After winning a $500,000 lottery prize, a Victoria couple claims they have a new home and money to seed their children’s education.

Emma Makhakhe and Seabata won the Jan. 7, Lotto Max Extra draw. However, they didn’t find out about their prize until much later.

Seabata stated that the $500,000 was a total of $500,000, and that he thought it was a good deal. Lottery Corporation

He said,

I was so confused by numbers that I had never seen before and had to Google what $500,000 looked like to verify it corresponded.

Once I realized it, I began screaming, We won!

The couple plans to use the money to buy a home in South Africa for them and a house for Seabata’s mother, in Lesotho.

Emma said,

We have always dreamed about our children’s education and wanted to buy Seabata’s mom a house (in Lesotho) along with a small home for us in Cape Town.

She said,

This is a life-changing sum of money for us. We don’t know how it will change our lives, but we are certain it will.

According to the couple, they celebrated their win by enjoying a bottle champagne and will now have peace of mind about their future children.

Seabata said,

We can relax and do all the things that we were unable to do before.