Mother believes $100k lottery win is fraud, nearly misses out

After initially misinterpreting the phone calls of lottery officials as scams, an Australian mother celebrates her $100,000 lottery win.

According to The Lott (the official home of Australia’s lotteries), the Northern Sydney woman won the guaranteed $100,000 in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw #10532, which was drawn February 25th.

She won the 1st Prize and also won a $1,000 consolation prize, increasing her total win to $101,000.

The woman was thrilled when an official from The Lott reached her.

She admitted that she was still struggling to understand the exciting news and initially believed it was a scam.

I received several phone calls and emails right after the draw. I didn’t recognize the email or phone number so I didn’t answer. According to The Lott, she stated that it was a scam and I thought to myself It’s definitely not a scam. I ignored all the calls and emails for several days and finally decided to log into my online The Lott account. When I found out I had won $100,000, it all made sense.

She said,

I went straight to my husband and we were going through the results back-and-forth – it was unbelievable!

According to the woman, she had not yet made any plans for what she would do with the prize money.

She said that she will have to deposit everything first, and then wait for the prize money to reach my bank account. But she assured her that it would be a good use.

I have been playing for over 10 years, so it’s exciting to have won a major lottery award!

The Lucky Lotteries Jackpot is a lottery-style jackpot game that offers over 10,000 prizes and a guaranteed first prize of $200,000.

The jackpot prize for draw 1563 was $7 million as of Wednesday.