The family’s winning lottery ticket almost given away as a Christmas gift

A family from Australia won nearly $20,000 in Australian lottery prizes. The winning ticket almost ended up being given as a Christmas gift by the winning family.

The Elenora Heights family, New South Wales, told The Lott officials that they purchased a stack of scratch-off tickets from Elanora Heights Newsagency for friends and family to give as Christmas gifts.

The family’s mother explained that they bought several instant scratch-its tickets to give away to other people for Christmas.

She said

It’s a tradition we have. This one was leftover, so we scratched the ticket on Christmas Day!

The winner of the $17,402.40 top prize was found to have a ticket left over.

The gods smiled on us.

The mother stated that we were extremely fortunate. We had to go through the instructions several times to confirm that we won it. We weren’t excited about anything until we were able to confirm it.

Family members said that some of the winnings would go towards a new car while the rest would be split with their family and put in savings.