Is the Lottery Rigged?

The chances of winning a huge jackpot are so low that when there’s a winner you can’t help wondering if somehow the numbers have been rigged! Evidence of lottery scams does show that sometimes the draw is manipulated to guarantee a win. But, does this mean every lotto game is rigged?

Getting frustrated that someone else has won the mega millions and not you (again!) can make you think the whole game is being staged. Keep reading to find out if you’re right and if there’s any truth behind the conspiracy theories that always surface after a mega jackpot has been won!

Why People Believe The Lottery Is Rigged

Some Countries Conduct Digital Draws

The introduction of digital draws has caused some players to become suspicious about whether the game is rigged or not. It seems simple enough for administrators of digital lotteries to fiddle with the computerized system.

Countries that conduct legit digital draws do so with regular audits performed by organizations such as The World Lottery Association (WLA). All procedures are validated to ensure rigging doesn’t take place. However, playing unlicensed digital lotteries opens you up to potential scams.

They Never Seem to Win

How is it possible for one person, out of all the millions who have played a game, to get all the right numbers? Or, the odds of selecting all six numbers to win a Powerball are so low it’s virtually impossible! And, it’s so easy to rig the numbers when the draw is done with a computer – right?

If you’ve been playing the lottery for years and never scored a win it’s only natural to start questioning how legit the game actually is. Whenever there’s a winner for a huge jackpot, unhappy losers aren’t shy to voice their dissatisfaction with the draw outcome. This makes other players believe that the game isn’t as above board as they would like to believe it is.

Quick Picks Can Never Win

When playing the Quick Pick game, a software program is used to generate your ticket numbers. Wouldn’t it then be easy for the software program to be hacked into or manipulated by the creator themselves? While these are valid questions, it would be an illegal move for anyone to try and do this. But, it doesn’t stop people from believing Quick Picks are rigged.

Evidence has shown that Quick Pick numbers have an equal chance of winning the jackpot as any other method used to play the game. Millions have faith in the Quick Pick option and they can’t all be wrong, can they? Prizes have been won by Quick Pick players too!

Lottery Conspiracy Theories

Lottery Winners are Fakes

If you’re in the corner who believes that no one ever wins the lottery, research will show you that there are actually winners every single day, worldwide! But, if you’re in the camp that believes these winners are fakes especially if they’re anonymous, it’s possible to start thinking they don’t exist in the first place.

You may not personally know someone who has won the mega millions but does this justify believing that lottery winners are fakes? There’s more than enough evidence that real lottery winners do exist and they’re not actors being paid by the government to be rich! If you‘re still in doubt, discover the lotto secrets shared by lottery winners – and yes, they’re genuine!

They Increase Jackpots for More Tax Earnings

In most countries, taxes are imposed on lottery winnings. The bigger the jackpot, the higher the tax earnings for the government. With this in mind, players can’t help but wonder if jackpots are increased exponentially before a win is made to ensure more taxes end up in the government’s coffers!

In countries such as the United States, tax can be as much as 24% on lottery winnings. Do the math and you’ll discover that’s a whopping earning for the government when the prize runs into the millions! But, there are ways to avoid taxes on lottery winnings such as playing games in South Africa or the UK where they’re not taxable.

People Know the Lottery Results Upfront

Conspiracy theorists love to make claims that winners know the lottery results upfront which is why they picked the winning numbers in the first place! But, this isn’t rational thinking especially as you never hear of high-profile people such as politicians or movie stars winning the jackpot.

It’s often someone living on the poverty line or a random worker who took a chance and bought a ticket on that fortuitous day. One has to ask how they could have access to lottery results upfront. Ultimately, it’s a weak theory that should be questioned!

Is the US Powerball Rigged?

Being one of the most popular lotteries in the world, it’s not surprising people question if the US Powerball is rigged. However, the administrators take its security protocol seriously, ensuring there are no chances of the game being fiddled with before a draw. A certain process is followed to ensure each draw is legit.

Each ball is weighed with gloved hands to make sure one isn’t heavier than another. The machines are checked before every draw and the drums and balls are kept in a vault. What’s more, a number of drums are kept safely locked up and one is picked randomly before a draw.

Selecting a drum from the vault is monitored by security officers who are also sent an alert if anyone tries to access the safe illegally.

Is Mega Millions Rigged?

Another lottery that takes its security protocol seriously is the Mega Millions. To keep its reputation intact and the winnings fair, independent auditors are used. Before each draw, they check that the balls all weigh the same and that their structure hasn’t been altered. The auditors verify that the machines haven’t been tampered with.

This auditing procedure takes up to three hours before each game is drawn and only authorized auditors have access to the drawing equipment.

Is EuroMillions Rigged?

The EuroMillions is handled strictly to prevent anyone from believing it’s a scam. It has been in operation since 2004 and maintains its authenticity by adhering to lottery rules. EuroMillions undergoes strict inspection and processes to ensure the game isn’t rigged before a draw.

The WLA regularly audits the EuroMillions which carries the WLA Security Control Standard Certificate as proof of such inspections being performed. Information related to transparency and trustworthiness is provided for each draw and is made available on the official website.

It’s recommended to only buy tickets for EuroMillions at licensed retailers or online sites to avoid being scammed.

Is There Some Proof that the Lottery is Rigged?

Licensed lotteries that undergo the proper security protocols aren’t rigged but there are cases where games have been manipulated. The case of Eddie Tipton is often bandied around by conspiracy theorists who believed every lottery is rigged!

Tipton was able to hack into several US lotteries, using code to draw the lotto numbers he wanted. He could only do this with games using a software program and he was able to predict winning numbers which he shared with other individuals who won the draw.

The winnings were then shared with Tipton. Taking advantage of a loophole in the system, Tipton didn’t believe he was doing anything illegal. However, the court viewed this differently and as a result, Tipton could be jailed for up to 25 years.

How Are Lottery Numbers Chosen?

Lottery numbers are either chosen with a random number generator or physically drawn using an air system. Some lotteries use computers to pick random numbers while others use a device known as the Geiger Counter which measures radiation in the surrounding air. The computer translates this reading into a code that is used to pick random numbers.

The physical system involves air being blown into a drum causing the balls to bounce around inside it. They eventually drop and roll into a sequence of numbers that are read out for the draw. If the drawing equipment has been properly inspected, it’s virtually impossible to know which balls are going to drop.

5 Reasons Why the Lottery is Legit

1. Lotteries Profit Through Ticket Sales

Lottery companies make their profit through ticket sales. A portion of the ticket earnings goes toward the jackpot while the difference goes to the company handling the lottery. In order to get the sales, the company needs to ensure the jackpot is worth playing for.

Keeping its reputation as a trustworthy company is vital if they want to keep the sales rolling in too! Otherwise, their profit is affected. Tampering with the jackpot simply wouldn’t make sense if the ticket sales go down.

2. Legitimate Lotteries are Licensed

Lotteries are strictly regulated in most countries and legitimate games need to be licensed by an authority board. Several licenses may be needed depending on the location of the lottery.

Legitimate lotteries are required by state governments to play fairly or else they lose their license and won’t be allowed to operate. Regular checks are made by the licensing board to ensure lotteries are abiding by the rules and regulations of the license. Knowing the main lottery rules and regulations by country will prevent you from falling for a rigged game!

3. High Level of Security

Licensed lotteries are required to install high levels of security to avoid rigging from happening. This includes being transparent, using independent auditors and only allowing authorized officials to access drawing equipment.

Lottery balls are kept in a safe to protect them against illegal tampering and protective gear is used when inspecting them. Fraud claims are investigated and thoroughly analyzed if any wrongdoing is suspected.

4. Most Lotteries Have Live Draws

Live draws make it impossible for lotteries to be rigged especially when they’re broadcasted on television for millions of viewers to watch! Live drawings such as the Mega Millions lottery can be watched online through the YouTube channel.

The National Lottery drawing can be watched live on their official website or on YouTube. The US Powerball still airs live drawings on TV stations in some states or you can watch it taking place on their official website.

5. They Use Physical Systems for Draws

Many lotteries prefer to use the physical system for draws. This method makes it extremely difficult for draws to be rigged. Some of the popular lotteries such as US Powerball and MegaMillions use this system to this day despite software programs being introduced to the game.

Tips to Avoid Lottery Scams

  • Only play legitimate lotteries that are licensed by authority boards.
  • Use licensed retailers when buying physical tickets from a local store.
  • Only play popular lottery games that are transparent and trustworthy.
  • Avoid playing amateur lotteries that have little evidence of being reputable.
  • Don’t believe any email that says you’ve won the jackpot! Check the sender’s details before responding with private information.

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Final Thoughts: Are Lotteries Rigged?

If you stick to reputable online lottery sites or use physical stores that are licensed to sell tickets, you’re safe to go! Licensed online platforms and brick-and-mortar stores follow the rules and regulations required to ensure the game isn’t rigged at any opportunity.

Popular lotteries can’t afford to risk being rigged which means you can rest assured the game is legit and safe to play. Dismissing conspiracy theories by being rational and understanding that the numbers are random means you can’t always expect to be the winner! But, it doesn’t stop you from dreaming and playing for the HUGE jackpot by playing the best online lottery games for real money!