Is Multilotto a Legit Site? In-depth Review with Welcome Bonus in 2024

  • Clean and modern-looking site design with easy navigation
  • Site available in 13 different languages
  • Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority
  • Incredible selection of more than 60 lotteries
  • Flexible payment options
  • No customer support live chat
  • Many country restrictions

⚠️December 6, 2022 Update: We don’t recommend this brand anymore based on other reviews on the web. If you still want to play online, go with theLotter or LottoAgent.

When our expert team first got the idea to do a review of Multilotto, we got excited. You know why? Because this is one of the platforms providing players with the most diverse and exciting opportunities for lottery gambling in the industry

Of course, the gambling scene is constantly improving, so you have to understand what makes the site of Multilotto different from the other similar platforms. That’s why you need to read very carefully what I have compiled in this review.

We will go through the general state of the online lottery gambling scene before proceeding with exploring every section of the Multilotto platform so you can fully understand its fantastic benefits and why it’s an excellent option for your lottery gambling experience. 

Features and Games

What Makes Multilotto Stand Out?

Lottery gambling has always been a trendy type of gambling, way before the invention of the internet. The online gambling industry has been overgrowing, and many types of gambling have been redirected online. That’s not a surprise considering all of the fantastic opportunities online gambling provides to the players. After all, it’s a much quicker and convenient option to open a website online and enjoy some thrilling gambling emotions. 

When it comes to lottery gambling, one of the first names that stand out is Multilotto. Multilotto is one of the modern lottery gambling platforms which provide life-changing opportunities for its players. It makes a good impression to see the total winnings that Multilotto has paid out to its players since its creation in 2012. 
The site has paid out more than 370 million euros for a considerably short time frame, speaking enough about the reliability of the platform and the competence of the team behind the company. But more than anything, what makes Multilotto stand out from the other online lottery gambling platforms is its fantastic portfolio of lotteries players can enjoy.

Multilotto paid winnings

Multilotto Lotteries You Can Play With

No matter what type of online gambling we are talking about, one of the most exciting sections of a particular gambling platform presents the available games. For example, in lottery gambling, these sections present all the available lotteries players can engage in on the platform. 

And in the case of Multilotto, we can say that the platform has gone above and beyond to offer its players the best possible lottery gambling experience. Why is that? On Multilotto’s platform, players can find more than 60 different lotteries they can play. But, of course, each one has its formats and payouts, so you have the freedom to choose the one, suiting your needs and preferences. 

Among the most popular and most rewarding lotteries in Multilotto gamblers can find:

  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Gold Lottery
  • Germany Lotto
  • California SuperLotto
Multilotto gamblers

Is it Safe to Play in Multilotto?

By far, the most frequent question I come across when reviewing a particular online gambling platform is if it’s legit. And that’s understandable when we consider how vast the online gambling industry is. Moreover, our team of gambling experts predict that online betting is only going to get bigger, and you should be extra careful when choosing sites like this moving forward

To understand if Multilotto is a place where you can safely enjoy lottery gambling, you have to look at things objectively and understand the platform’s perks and benefits, which shows a lot. First of all, when I look at the time when Multilotto was established, the year 2012 makes an excellent first impression. And there is a reason behind that.

We live in a highly digitized world, and every new site, company, or service is quickly getting the desired reputation among many platforms, precisely for that reason. There are also numerous forums where people can share their experience with a particular gambling site, and nothing remains hidden. That being said, Multilotto has an excellent reputation online, and it’s one of the go-to lottery betting platforms on the internet

Even though Multilotto has been making a name for itself for many years, it is a strong indicator that the site is legit and it’s a safe bet to use its services. After all, the online gambling industry is highly competitive, and platforms that are not staying on top of their game can’t possibly compete at the top. 

On top of that, looking into Multilotto perks, we can see things like multi-draw bets, beneficial subscriptions, group play, and many more. From the extensive experience of our team, we can say this indicates a platform, developed a solid portfolio for the players’ convenience through the years. All of that shows how competent a lottery gambling platform is Multilotto and why engaging in lottery betting there is entirely safe. 

Multilotto Sign up Process (Step-by-Step)

In many online lottery gambling platforms, we can find lengthier registration processes that are annoying and can waste a lot of time. What I like about Multilotto’s platform is that you need to fill in only the essential information to create your account in minutes. 

When you click on the sign-up button on top of the platform, you will be immediately redirected to a new, clean page where you can fill in the required fields. As we already mentioned, the whole process is straightforward, and you will end up with a new account in minutes

Multilotto Sign up Process

Firstly, you have to fill in your personal details.

Multilotto Sign-up Process

Then, it’s time to enter your account details, which you will use for login.

Multilotto account details verification

Lastly, you have to keep in mind that Multilotto requires activation of your account. A four digit code will be sent both to your email and phone number and it’s up to you from where you will get it. After you fill in the code, your account will be activated immediately and you can start playing. 

MultiLotto Mobile App: How to Download?

It’s crucial to understand if you can use the particular online lottery betting platform on mobile devices. After all, it’s a massive boost if you can enjoy all of the lottery gambling services on the go, wherever you feel like it. And if you had already visited the main page of Multilotto, you might have spotted the small button on the right that allows you to download the platform’s mobile app.

MultiLotto on Mobile


With this mobile app, you will be able to enjoy all of the fantastic lotteries on Multilotto, the same way you will do on your personal computer. In addition, the mobile app is very well optimized and will provide you with that thrilling gambling experience on the go. 

Multilotto on iOS: Play on iPhone or iPad

Many Apple fans worldwide will be glad to hear they can enjoy an effortless lotto gambling experience on Multilotto. The mobile app is well optimized to provide top-notch mobile gaming to all Apple users. 

Multilotto on Android

As Android is one of the most widely spread mobile platforms on Earth, it’s only natural for a site of Mutlilotto’s caliber to provide fantastic services for mobile gaming on Android mobile devices. 

Design and User Experience

What makes Multilotto an excellent option for many lottery gambling enthusiasts is the site design of the platform and the user experience it provides. If you have been exploring the lottery gambling scene for a long time like me, you will understand that many of the lottery gambling platforms online have overwhelming platforms. Some of these sites have many functions and perks, which greatly benefit, but everything is scattered around the whole platform. 

That way, you either can’t find the particular section you are looking for, or you get overwhelmed by everything as the site design is not compact enough. But in Multilotto, we can say that every section of the site is presented simply, and you won’t have any difficulties navigating through the platform

The site’s design feels very modern and trendy to make things even more convenient for the players. Additionally, the fluidity of the platform is on a very high level, which makes the gambling experience much smoother and effortless. 

Multilotto design


MultiLotto Welcome, Promo and Bonus Codes

One of the most vital things in every online lottery gambling platform is bonuses and promotions. It would be a significant downfall for Multilotto to disappoint, considering the popularity and reputation of the company. That being said, the bonuses section of Multilotto is screaming everything else rather than disappointment. There, you will be able to find various bonuses you can exploit. 

Deposit Bonus

The first bonus you will come across in the platform of Multilotto is the deposit one. As the name suggests, you will receive this bonus after you make your first deposit into your newly opened account. Usually, this type of bonus is the most popular in the online gambling world. As of June 2023, you can claim a 100% deposit bonus on your first initial deposit, up to 50 Euro. That means if you deposit 50 Euro, you can start enjoying the numerous lotteries with a bankroll of 100 Euro. 

Free Lotto Bets

Another exciting promotion in Multilotto is the so-called free lotto bets. These bets are no different from ordinary bets you can place, and you can win whatever prices your luck can snatch. When you are using a free lotto bet, you can bag a significant profit without investing your funds. 

Money-Back Guarantee

What is excellent about Multilotto is that some of the lotteries you can enjoy on the site have a money-back guarantee of up to a particular amount. That means even if your ticket doesn’t generate profit, part of the funds will be automatically credited to your account after the draw. 

Lottery Draw Discounts 

Another great promotion benefiting the players is the lottery draw discounts. These discounts allow gamblers to get their hands on lottery tickets at a lower price. Most of the time, the discount players can take advantage of varies between 50% and 70%.

Trial Subscription

Arguably one of the most exciting promotions that Multilotto offers. The trial subscription allows you to play your favorite numbers on a subscription. This means that after every draw, your lotto numbers will be played again for every subsequent lottery draw. And you receive all of that for a lower monthly price.

Subscription Discounts

What is interesting about the Multilotto platform is that you can find subscription discounts. These discounts are in the form of monthly or even yearly subscriptions and will give you an increased number of draws for a lower price. 

Special Offers

When surfing around the web, you can find some exciting special offers Multilotto provides. For example, they are offering an increased bet on several lines for just €1. These offers are worth it, and they are a great way to start your lotto betting adventure on Multilotto. 


Syndicates can be the most powerful thing you can read about today. According to Multilotto, more than 20% of the real jackpots have been taken down by syndicates. These syndicates are small organizations that are making group plays. 

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

For the smooth work of every online lottery gambling platform, payment options are crucial. After visiting the payment section of my account, I spotted some of the following available payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Paysafe Card
  • E-wallets
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Bank Transfer

As you can see from the list above, Multilotto is keeping up with the latest trends and offers the most popular payment methods and one of the hottest payment options at the moment in the likes of different cryptocurrencies. Moreover, there is something for every player out there, so I can say the payments section is very well built. 

Customer Support 

In a site of Multilotto’s caliber, you might expect excellent customer support. However, our team is gutted to tell you that this is not the case. The section of customer support is the first one that disappoints in Multilotto. In fact, of course, there is a support team you can reach, but this is happening only via email, which is far from convenient nowadays. 

The only source of information you can use if you encounter a problem is the site’s FAQ section. Unfortunately, most of the information you can access covers all of the lotteries you can play on the platform. Still, there is also essential information covering the most critical issues and questions players can face. 

Still, from our experience with Multilotto’s support, we can say that it’s doing a good job. When you send an email with a specific problem you are against, you are always contacted promptly and with detailed instructions and help from the customer support team. As for the future, live chat will be a necessity in Multilotto’s platform.

Multilotto customer support

Our Multilotto Verdict – Is It Worth Your Time?

Multilotto is one of these lottery gambling sites that are worth a shot. What makes the platform stand out is the simple site design, which is easy to navigate. In addition, the selection of various lotteries will grab the attention even of the most capricious lottery betting enthusiasts.

On top of that, the flexible payment options are wrapping up the site nicely, opening decent opportunities in front of the players using the platform. So you will have an exciting and fun experience joining Multilotto’s platform.   

Multilotto FAQ Section

How much can I win in Multilotto?

Multilotto offers various lotteries, and each has its unique prize pool and payouts, which vary from a few thousand to several million Euros.

Is it safe to play on Multilotto? 

Yes, Multilotto is licensed by reputable gambling regulators in Sweden and Malta, so you enjoy a secure lottery betting experience there. 

Malta gaming authority

What is the best strategy to win on Multilotto?

Unfortunately, there isn’t such a thing as a consistently winning strategy in lottery betting. However, you can choose from the many lotteries in Multilotto and hope luck is on your side!

Can I use other currencies besides Euro?

The funds in your account can be presented in every currency, but the actual transactions will always be in Euros.

Can I play from any of the prohibited countries?

Unfortunately, no. Multilotto has stringent rules, and if you are caught playing from any country, you will be immediately banned from using the platform’s services. 

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings from Multilotto?

Yes, all of your winnings are subject to taxes, which indicates the legitimacy of the platform. Additionally, you should check the laws in your own country regarding lottery winning taxes, because if applicable, you should cover them too.

How long should it take to receive my winnings?

Multilotto offers one of the fastest withdrawal times in the industry, as you will receive your funds in just a few hours after you make a request. However, I assume for large prizes, the process will take a bit more time. 

Is Multilotto organizing lottery gambling?

No, at its core, Multilotto is not organizing any lottery gambling. The platform is just allowing you to bet on the biggest lotteries worldwide through their platform, making the process much convenient for you.

Which is the best lottery to play in Multilotto?

There is a fantastic selection of lotteries you can play in Multilotto, so it’s challenging to choose the best one. However, the names of the most popular lotteries are standing out in the likes of Mega Millions, Euro Millions, and Euro Jackpot.

Multilotto Details

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