How to Play German Lotto – 5 Steps for Beginners

With so many lotteries to pick from, where do you even begin as a newbie? Most lottery games are fun, pretty simple to play, and thrilling as you wait to see if you’re the next jackpot winner! If you’re wondering about playing some of Europe’s biggest lotteries, you need to consider how to play German Lotto.

Compared to other European national lotteries, the German Lotto is popular for its second-largest jackpots. Past winners who struck gold could go home with millions – how does €45.4 million sound to you? This was a record jackpot won by three lottery players in 2017!

Are you keen to play? Don’t let being a novice hold you back! Read on to discover everything you need to know about this exciting and profitable lottery game PLUS tips and steps to get you into the German Lotto as a beginner.

What You Should Know About the German Lotto

How Did the German Lotto Start?

The German Lotto, otherwise commonly known as Lotto 6 aus 49 by local lottery players, has been around for a long time. Its first draw took place on October 9th, 1955! Operated by the Deutscher Lotto-und Totoblock, the German Lottery offers a range of other games besides Lotto such as Spiel 77, Super 6, and GlucksSpirale.

However, the German Lotto has always been a favorite for lottery players and started originally as a 7/38 game. This changed in June 1986 to the 6/49 matrix and in May 2013, rules were changed to allow Superzahl (Super Number or Bonus ball) to be added. With the introduction of the Superzahl, the odds of winning the jackpot increased to 1 in 31!

Draws took place once a week until 1982 when a second draw day was incorporated into the lottery schedule.

Age to Play the German Lotto

Lottery players need to be 18 years or older to play the German Lotto. This applies to both local residents and players from other countries who won’t be able to claim prizes if they’re younger than the eligible age.

Where to Play the German Lotto

If you’re playing in Germany, you can buy a ticket from one of the authorized retailers in the country or play online using the official lottery website. The game is open to both German citizens and foreigners.

If you’re not living or traveling in Germany, don’t despair! You can play the German Lotto when you register an account with an online lottery site such as theLotter platform. This licensed and regulated site gives you access to the game but make sure you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions first.

Where to Play the German Lotto

Source: TheLotter

Platforms like LottoAgent give worldwide players access to the German Lotto and beginners can take advantage of the sites’ 24/7 customer support when they have questions. If you like to play on the go, mobile apps make this possible.

LottoAgent access to the German Lotto

Source: LottoAgent

When Draws Take Place

The German Lotto draws occur twice weekly, on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Wednesday drawings take place at 6.25 pm, local time while the Saturday draws happen at 7.25 pm. Ticket sales close one hour before the draw and if you’re playing online, the cut-off time could be a couple of hours before the drawing.

Price of Tickets

One of the reasons for the German Lotto being such a popular game is the cost of its tickets. Not only does this lotto produce huge jackpots but it also comes with cheap tickets. It costs you only €1 to take a chance and win millions in one go!

Online lottery sites normally charge a small handling fee on top of the official ticket price so do some shopping around if you’re looking for the cheapest deal.

Odds of Winning

The odds of winning the German Lotto are the same as the EuroMillions which is 1 in 139,000,000! While this is high, other lotteries have higher odds so don’t walk away from this game just yet. The German Lotto has no jackpot cap which means the rollovers can become substantial, making every cent of your single Euro ticket worthwhile when you win big!

The 6 aus 49 lotto has nine prize tiers giving you ample chances of winning even the smallest amount. Check out the odds of winning in the table below.

Prize Tier Winning Combination Odds of Winning
Jackpot 6 main numbers + Bonus Ball 1:139,838,160
2 6 main numbers 1:15,537,573
3 5 main numbers + Bonus Ball 1:542,008
4 5 main numbers 1:60,223
5 4 main numbers + Bonus Ball 1:10,324
6 4 main numbers 1:1,147
7 3 main numbers + Bonus Ball 1:567
8 3 main numbers 1:63
9 2 main numbers + Bonus Ball 1:76

Highest Jackpot Ever Won from the German Lotto

The popular 6 aus 49 lotto jackpot starts at €1 million and rolls over until there’s a winner. If there’s no winner at the following draw, the prize money is shared between winners of the next tier.

Not only can you become a millionaire by hitting the jackpot but many winners can suddenly have millions added to their bank account by winning second prize. The highest record jackpot was shared between three winners in 2017 when they won the €45.4 million bonanza prize. The three players came from Frankfurt, Schwatzwald, and Ulm.

5 Steps to Play the German Lotto

Choose How to Play (Online or In-Store)

If you want to try your luck while in Germany, you can pick two playing methods. One option is opening an online account with the official lottery website. The second option is to purchase a ticket from a licensed retailer. Keep in mind, though, that if you buy a ticket in-store, you can only cash in your prize at a registered vendor in Germany.

The third option for playing the German Lotto is choosing a reputable online lottery platform. Some of the best lottery betting sites give you access to worldwide national lotteries making it easier for you to make a million from your couch!

Select which draw days you want to play

The German Lotto is drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can select which draws you want to play by marking the relevant box on your physical ticket or clicking the appropriate button for online games.

Online lottery agents such as LottoSmile offer their players subscriptions for their favorite lotto game. This feature automatically enters your ticket for every draw, saving you the hassle of buying a ticket for each draw.

LottoSmile subscriptions

Source: LottoSmile

Pick Your Numbers and How Many Lines to Play

You need to pick six numbers from 1 to 49 and the Superzahl or bonus number from 0 to 9.  You can play as many lines as you want to and at the cost of €1 per entry, you can play for more. You can opt for the Quick Pick playing method which randomly selects your numbers for you. But, pro lotto players advise you to pick your lucky lottery numbers manually.

Online lottery sites give players the option of using the number generator to pick random numbers if the manual method is too stressful or time-consuming for them.

Pay for Your Ticket

Once you’ve completed the ticket, it’s time to pay. If you’ve purchased your ticket in-store, hand in your ticket and pay for it. Check with the licensed vendor you can buy lottery tickets with a credit or debit card if you don’t have cash on hand.

If you’re playing online, you have the option of various payment methods including your credit or debit card and your online wallet if you have funds available.

Wait for the Draw

You’ve done the work and now all you can do is wait for the draw to take place! Draw results are published on the German Lottery website soon after the drawings have happened. If you’re an online player, the lottery site will notify you when you win a prize.

Tips on How to Win the German Lotto

Buy Multiple Tickets

Buying multiple tickets for every draw increases your odds of winning the German Lotto jackpot. This is a popular lotto strategy used by avid players wanting to win a lottery and purchasing more tickets is easier when the price is a single Euro per entry!

Pick Hot and Cold Numbers

Picking hot and cold numbers can help you win the German Lotto. Hot numbers refer to those that have been drawn frequently and are more likely to be in the next draw. Cold numbers, on the other hand, are drawn less frequently BUT could suddenly appear at any moment!

The top hot number for the German Lotto is 3 while 29, 31, and 42 have been drawn often. The least drawn number for the 6 aus 49 game in recent years is 28. Other cold numbers include 26 and 7 which is well overdue.

Decide Between Quick Pick vs Own Numbers

Beginners often start off using the Quick Pick option as they get familiar with lottery games. This method is quick and easy and takes the angst out of picking numbers manually. However, choosing your own numbers adds some thrill to the lotto game!

Keen lottery players will tell you that using your own numbers improves the odds of winning the lottery. The statistics don’t necessarily back up this theory but give it a go and see what happens. Whatever you decide between the quick pick vs own numbers, both options can put you in the line for winning a prize.

Pick High Numbers

There are many tips and tricks to win the lottery jackpot but one that’s often shared by the pros is using high numbers. Lotto experts suggest picking these numbers as they appear more regularly in draws compared to lower or single digits.

Picking a combination of high and low numbers is a good strategy but opt to have higher numerals. In the German Lotto, you could select four  high numbers and two low digits with the bonus ball being a single digit.

Use Lottery Software and Prediction Tools

Using lottery software and prediction tools is a fantastic way of picking number combinations that could see you becoming the next German Lotto winner! Lottery technology is becoming more advanced with players using mobile apps and computer algorithms to come up with a winning formula.

Choosing the right lottery software is important especially if you’re a beginner. Look for packages that offer free trials or are user-friendly.

How Do You Claim if You’ve Won a Prize from the German Lottery?

Your playing method and winning amount will determine how you can claim your prize from the German Lotto. If you bought a physical ticket, all you have to do is hand it in to an authorized lottery retailer in Germany and they’ll pay you in cash.

However, if your prize money is above 2,000 euros, you need to call the number on the back of your ticket and you’ll be guided through the claim process. Winners have 13 weeks to claim their prize from the date of the winning draw. 

Playing through an online lottery site makes claiming your prizes so much easier and more efficient. Most sites pay smaller prizes directly into your online account while bigger wins may require following a claim process. Familiarizing yourself with the payout rules will help you to understand the process better.

Final Thoughts

Taking a shot at the German Lotto jackpot is definitely worth the effort and something every beginner lotto player should experiment with. It’s affordable, and easily accessible whether you’re playing in Germany or from another country. While the odds are high, using our tips could increase your chances of winning the German Lotto jackpot. Give it a go!


Who can play the German Lotto?

The German Lotto is open to anyone who wants to try their luck at winning the jackpot. Both German citizens and foreigners can play the lotto. But if you’re a tourist visiting Germany and you buy a physical ticket, make sure you’re in the country to claim your winnings. Players from abroad can access the German Lotto using a third-party online lottery site.

How do you win the German Lotto Jackpot?

To win the German Lotto jackpot, you need to match six main numbers between 1 and 49 PLUS the Superzahl or bonus ball between 0 and 9. Buying multiple tickets, joining a syndicate, playing consistently, and using your horoscope lucky lottery numbers are other ways of winning the German Lotto jackpot prize.

What do you get for two numbers on the German Lotto?

There’s no prize for getting two numbers on the German Lotto. However, if you match two main numbers plus the super number or bonus ball, you win €5. You have a 1 in 76 chance of winning this ninth-tier prize.

What do you get for three numbers on the German Lotto?

If you match three winning numbers at a draw, you win €9. Lottery players who match three main numbers plus the bonus ball can claim €16.