How to Play the SuperEnalotto Lottery? 5 Steps for Beginners

The ever-popular SuperEnalotto has reached impressive jackpots over the years, making it one of the top lotteries to play. Since the SuperEnalotto is played three times a week, players have triple the chance of winning compared to some other lotteries. Furthermore, it’s an easy game to play and only involves choosing six winning numbers. Potential winnings on the other tiers increase your chances of winning.

With that in mind, you might be thinking of trying your luck at winning something in this well-known Italian lottery. If you are, this post takes an extensive look at rules, tips and steps to get started. We’ll also answer a few of the more common FAQs surrounding this game.

What You Should Know Before Playing The SuperEnaLotto Lottery

Italy Super Enalotto

Age to Play SuperEnalotto Lottery

As with most other lotteries, the minimum age to play the SuperEnalotto is 18. Players who don’t meet this age criteria will not be permitted to claim any prizes won.

Odds of Winning

Typically, the overall odds of winning a prize in the SuperEnalotto is 1 in 20. These odds improve to 1 in 16 if you also play the SuperStar option. Here’s a breakdown of the general odds of winning.

Numbers Matched Odds of Winning
Match 6 1 in 622,614,630
Match 5 + Jolly 1 in 103,769,105
Match 5 1 in 1,259,230
Match 4 1 in 11,907
Match 3 1 in 327
Match 2 1 in 22

In the SuperEnalotto, the Jolly in the Match 5 option refers to an extra number that allows an additional chance for players who have already matched 5 numbers. This means you’ll win a “5+1” prize. There is no additional cost for playing the Jolly and it doesn’t apply to any of the other tiers.

Furthermore, players can increase their potential winnings by playing the SuperStar. This is an optional number that the player can select in addition to your six main numbers. The SuperStar number costs an additional €0.50 per entry. Opting to play this extra number increases the number of prizes that can be won from 7 to 15. Here’s a breakdown of the general odds of including the SuperStar in your pick.

SuperStar Numbers Matched Odds of Winning
6 + SuperStar 1 in 56,035,316,700
5 + Jolly + SuperStar 1 in 9,339,219,450
5 + SuperStar 1 in 112,520,716
4 + SuperStar 1 in 1,071,626
3 + SuperStar 1 in 29,404
2 + SuperStar 1 in 1,936
1 + SuperStar 1 in 303
0 + SuperStar 1 in 138

Price of Tickets

SuperEnalotto tickets cost €1 per entry. Adding the SuperEnalotto entry will cost an additional €0.50 so it’s clearly a lottery you can consider if you’re after games with affordable tickets.

When Draws Take Place

The SuperEnalotto draw takes place in Rome at 20:00 CET on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Typically, all ticket sales for each draw close 30 minutes earlier at 19:30 CET. In instances where the draw falls on a public holiday, the draw date will change. The details of these changes can usually be viewed online.

Where can You Play SuperEnalotto?

For the most part, the SuperEnalotto can be played by buying tickets from local Italian retailers. Tickets can also be bought online. Keep in mind that online tickets are considered a safer option as there’s no risk of losing tickets or having to stand in long lines to buy a ticket.

Using online lottery sites such as WinTrillions is effective for many international players. For one thing, these platforms have the latest stats available so you can easily review details like hot and cold numbers if you use that to pick your winning set of numbers.

Play Superenalotto Online

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The Biggest Jackpot Ever Won on the SuperEnalotto

One of the features that make the SuperEnalotto so popular is its huge jackpots. Currently, it holds the record for the biggest jackpot paid out in Europe by any lottery–a win of €371.1 million on Thursday 16th February 2023.

The previous top jackpot was an equally impressive amount of €209.1 million paid out on Tuesday 13th August 2019.

It’s worth noting that the minimum jackpot for the SuperEnalotto is €2 million, so it’s always valuable to win. With no cap set, the jackpot rolls over until there’s a winner, resulting in such immense jackpots.

The Biggest Jackpot Ever Won on the SuperEnalotto

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5 Steps for Beginners to Easily Play the SuperEnalotto Lottery

Fortunately, playing the SuperEnalotto is quite easy. All you have to do is follow these few simple steps.

Step 1: Decide How You’re Going to Play

If you live in Italy, you will have the option to purchase your ticket from a local retailer. Many players prefer the simplicity of purchasing an online ticket. A regular ticket costs €1 while adding a SuperStar number will cost an additional €0.50 per entry.

Step 2: Choose Your Lucky Numbers

Choose your six main numbers from a number selection ranging between 1 and 90. If you’re going to be adding the SuperStar option, you will be increasing your odds of winning a prize. Since the SuperStar is drawn from a separate ball machine, also ranging from 1 to 90, it means that you can select the same number as your main number.

Step 3: Select the Number of Draws to Enter

When picking your numbers, you can opt to play for a single draw or alternatively, you can choose to play for additional weeks. Here are the options that you have:

  • Single draw = leave the other rows blank
  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 = three weeks
  • 12 = four weeks
  • 15 = five weeks

Keep in mind that the draws you select will be for consecutive draws, so it’s important to keep your ticket safe.

Step 4: Check the Winning Results

Keep in mind that draws take place three times a week, which means, if you’ve purchased consecutive SuperEnaLotto draws, you will need to check the results of each draw to see if you’ve got winning numbers.

Step 5: Understanding the Prize Collection Procedure

When you’re collecting your prize money, keep in mind that the winnings must be collected within 90 days of the draw date. The following must be kept in mind for you to receive your winnings:

  • Winners must visit a Sisal Office after receiving a unique ticket code.
  • Prize winnings and identity have been verified–winners must produce proof of ID and a valid tax code.
  • Prizes under €1 million will be paid within 90 days of the draw, after verification of the ID and tax code.

Tips on How to Win the SuperEnalotto Lottery

If you’re a first-time SuperEnalotto player, you’re most likely looking out for tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning. Here is a list of the most common tips SuperEnalotto winners have had some success with.

Tip 1: Purchase More Entries

Regular lotto players will agree, purchasing more tickets is the number one way to increase your chances of winning, not only one of the lower tier prizes but even the jackpot. Even buying two tickets rather than just the usual one will already double your chances.

Tip 2: Add the SuperStar to Your Ticket

An instant way to improve your odds is to add the SuperStar option to each entry. By doing this, you improve your chances of winning one of the seven prizes to 1 in 16.

Tip 3: Opt to Play Consecutive Draws

If your budget allows, previous winners recommend playing consecutive draws. Some even suggest going as high as 15 consecutive draws will greatly increase your odds. Additionally, it’s a time saver as there’s no need to stand in long lines to purchase tickets.

This option works well for players who prefer playing the same numbers more than once.

Tip 4: Choose the Online Option

Many players prefer the online purchase option because of the following benefits:

  • Choose numbers at a time that suits you. There’s no rush to get to the retailer before closing time!
  • Ticket numbers are captured on your online account so there’s no risk of losing a ticket.
  • You can log in no matter where you are. All you need is a smart device with the right app.
  • With an online entry, the ticket is automatically checked for you and if you have won, you’ll receive an email notification. This is a great advantage if you have opted to play a few consecutive draws and you don’t always have the time to visit a local retailer to check the winning numbers.

Tip 5: Consider Joining a Syndicate

Simply put, a syndicate is made up of a group of people who all contributed equally toward the cost of bulk entries. More tickets are bought, instantly increasing the odds of winning one of the prizes.

Keep in mind that winnings are also divided among all the participants of the groups. Always ensure that you are joining a legit group.

Online players can join one of the reputable online syndicate systems.

Tip 6: Play Integrated Systems

Players looking for a more technical system to improve their odds may consider integrated systems. This is how this system works:

  • Play every combination of six numbers within the selected range.
  • Choosing a range of seven numbers will produce seven sections of six numbers, costing €7.
  • Selecting a range of eight numbers will produce 28 potential combinations, which will cost you €28.
  • Keep in mind that this type of system will increase your odds, but will also cost more to play as you’re picking more combinations.

Tip 7: Consider One of the Multistella Systems

If you’re opting to play many integrated system entries alongside SuperStar options, you can do this by using a variety of pre-packed multistella systems. For this system, consider the following:

  • Multistella 7: This refers to 10 integrated systems of 7 numbers using 1 SuperStar system at a total cost of €105.
  • Multistella 8: A multistella 8 system can be made up of three different combinations.
  1. 5 Integrated systems of 8 numbers, with 1 SuperStar per system at a cost of €210.
  2. 10 Integrated systems of 8 numbers, with 1 SuperStar per system at a cost of €420.
  3. 15 Integrated systems of 8 numbers, with 1 SuperStar per system at a cost of €630.
  • Multistella 9:The multiset la 9 system has two different combinations:
  1. 5 Integrated systems of 9 numbers with 1 SuperStar per system at a cost of €630.
  2. 10 Integrated systems of 9 numbers, with 1 SuperStar per system at a cost of €1.260.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new lottery to try, the simplicity and huge jackpot on offer with SuperEnalotto make it an excellent option to consider. By following our simple steps and choosing one of our winning strategies, you may soon be setting yourself up for some big winnings!


Do you pay tax on the SuperEnalotto winnings in Italy?

In Italy, SuperEnalotto winnings are subject to a 20% tax on any portion of a prize exceeding €500. Tax in your own country will be subject to their specific tax regulations for lotto winnings.

When is the SuperEnalotto Lottery Raffle held?

SuperEnalotto usually holds special annual raffles over the holiday period. These are commonly referred to as Superdraws and are played in conjunction with the regular SuperEnalotto draws. Unique 12-character codes are printed on all eligible SuperEnalotto tickets. These draws take place over Christmas, Easter and Italian Republic Day. Prices vary with each draw. To qualify, a player must purchase a regular SuperEnalotto ticket with a SuperStar option for draws that coincide with the scheduled raffle dates.

What is the minimum jackpot for SuperEnalotto?

The minimum jackpot for a SuperEnalotto is €2 million. With no cap set, the jackpot continues to get bigger until there’s a winner.

How are the SuperEnalotto numbers drawn?

The SuperEnalotto numbers are randomly drawn from a ball machine that contains numbers from 1 to 90. The SuperStar numbers are drawn from a separate ball machine which also means you can use the same number for both the main draw and SuperStar. (Yes, that means you can use your lucky number twice!)

How long do winners have to claim prizes?

When it comes to claiming your prize money, you have a total of 90 days to claim from the draw date on the ticket. Keep in mind that players will be expected to pay a 20% tax on any prize that exceeds prizes worth €500.

What are the top numbers chosen in the SuperEnalotto?

As with any other lottery, the SuperEnalotto has a series of hot and cold numbers that players often resort to increasing their chances of winning. Keep in mind that these numbers can change at any time, so don’t place all your faith in these numbers. The most common of these are the following:

Hot numbers: 85, 77, 86, 6, 55, 82

Cold numbers: 39,69, 16, 29, 36, 33

What is the best way to increase my chances of winning a prize in the SuperEnalotto?

According to previous SuperEnalotto winners, the most common way to secure a win in one of the tiers is to play within a syndicate. Not only does this increase your chances of winning but also reduces the costs you would usually pay for the same number of tickets. Both online and retail outlet purchases offer access to syndicates.