Best Lottery Books to Buy

By this point, you should already have a better understanding about how the lottery works and your chances of winning a jackpot. The theoretical side of it will tell you that all numbers have an equal chance of winning. Based on what previous lottery winners will tell you, there’s more to the game than just dumb luck. Today, we look at 5 notable lottery books written by former jackpot winners and analysts.

An Introduction to Books on How to Win the Lottery

There are many great lottery books written by winners and researchers. The most notable compositions are most likely from Gail Howard. The American author produced several lottery books in the late 1990s and also a few after the new millennia. She is an expert on the original state-run lottery in the US and has created dozens of novels on tips and strategies to win the jackpot.

An Introduction to Books on How to Win the Lottery

Aside from Gail Howard, Richard Lustig is a name that springs to mind. The late author won top-tier prizes on seven separate occasions. It is estimated that he has won over $1 million from lotteries between 1993-2010.

Similarly, all lottery winners shared abundant experience, strategies, and valuable tips to win the jackpot.

“Lottery Winning Systems”

The first book which we turn our attention to is Gail Howard’s 1996 publication named “Lottery Winning Systems”. The sub-title of the novel reads “Turn a Game of Luck into a Game of Skill”.

Howard’s first lottery book contains 12 different formulas which only take 60 seconds to apply. According to the description of the title, the book gives an insight on how to use a mathematical approach to selecting lottery numbers. However, instead of having to sit down for ages and contemplate numerals until you get a headache, Gail Howard sketches out a simple yet effective method. It’s understood that this book has 12 different lottery strategies which are easy as pie to implement for any pick-six lotto game in the world.

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“Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery”

Sometimes, your best bet is to hear the truth straight from the horse’s mouth. Well, in this case, Richard Lustig fits the bill. The author had previously won 7 lotteries. Sadly, Lustig passed away in 2018 on July 22nd.

However, his legacy lives on. In 2010, Lustig won his final lottery prize and wrote the book “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery.” The novel gives readers an insight on all the steps a player should take when buying a lottery ticket. Instead of purchasing a ticket with random numbers, Lustig gives players various tips he’s used to profit from a lottery win. Moreover, Lustig’s book applies to all lottery games, including scratch tickets and number games.

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“Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book”

You can thank Raven Willowmagic for a conclusive book on lottery strategies for the different games. The sub-title reads: “The only Lottery Book you’ll ever need!” If you’re into playing Pick 3, Pick 4, Keno or the big US ones – Powerball & Mega Millions – you’ll absolutely love this book. Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book has got an extensive compilation of tips and even uses astrology to give you tips. You can receive perks based on male and female names, zodiacs, days, months, cars, flowers, gemstones and more. Moreover, the book is filled with different hints such as Raven’s Lucky Tips and additional winning strategies. If you’re looking for the full package, this is certainly one of the best lottery books you can come across.

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“Lottery Master Guide”

Another classic by Gail Howard, “Lottery Master Guide” is the complete and ultimate lottery book. For new players, it’s highly recommended to read the 1997 novel.

Lottery Master Guide is the best way to learn all about lottery betting. The book also contains some strategies and tricks one could use. For instance, there’s an entire chapter on spotting a hot number before it gets hot. Here’s another one for you, an entire chapter on telling if a number is on a losing streak before it goes another 15-20 games without a draw.

In all honesty, Gail Howard is somewhat a genius author and analyst of lottery games. You can’t go wrong reading one of her lottery books, but we’d certainly recommend the Master Guide.

“How to Win the Lottery with the Law of Attraction”

Using the law of attraction to win the lottery is a real thing. Especially if you’re asking Eddie Coronado. The author of the book had previously used the law of attraction to win the jackpot himself. And, in this book, he shares the story of four other lottery winners who used similar methods to attract the massive jackpot win.

There are four sections to the book. The first part is an introduction to the law of attraction. It gives the reader an idea about expectation, gratitude and the practice of receiving.
The second part of the book puts the use of attraction towards the lottery. Each of the four lottery winners explain their practices and exercises in steps taken towards winning the lottery. The third part of the book is a Q&A whilst the fourth part reflects on some insightful hints, tips and suggestions to make the manifestation techniques as effective as possible.

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Final Thoughts about the Books on Winning the Lottery

To conclude this guide on lottery books, we suggest you step forward with these five different novels. The lottery books listed have different approaches and strategies within them to help you win the jackpot.

You can take the word of lottery winners or the strategic approach by Gail Howard. For new players, we’d highly recommend you get to grips with playing the lottery by checking out the Lottery Master Guide.

If you’re looking to win the lottery, you’ll need to have a strong approach. As all these lottery winners will tell you, playing on dumb luck will not take you too far. Thus, you can find an abundance of strategies and useful tips from the journals listed above.