How to Predict Lottery Numbers? Is It Possible?

Some players like to wing it and choose the Quick Pick option when playing the lottery. For others it’s all about predicting numbers, believing that you’ve got more chance of hitting the jackpot millions thanks to luck or strategy. And yes, there are various ways to use the prediction strategy to possibly improve your odds of winning a lottery game!

Avid lottery players swear by the Delta System while others stick with their lucky numbers or use patterns to predict the next win. But these aren’t the only strategies used by lottery pros – keep reading to find out the different ways you can forecast lottery lucky numbers for upcoming draws.

Good news: a strategy can help whether you play the ever-popular Mega Millions or a smaller game like South Africa’s Daily Lotto!

7 Strategies for Predicting the Lottery

Lottery winners often share their strategies or tips for striking gold and some have become experts in foretelling the winning numbers. While luck plays a big role in being a jackpot winner, these experts will tell you that using specific techniques will improve your odds of becoming the next millionaire overnight.

Here are some of the more popular strategies used by lotto experts worldwide to boost their chances of having a lucky ticket at the next draw.

1. Delta System

Several lottery systems help players come up with numbers when playing huge lotteries such as Mega Millions or EuroMillions. However, one stands out as a popular prediction tool and that’s the Delta System.

Developed by a computer whiz, Dave Muse, the system involves transforming numbers into deltas. The delta of a number is the difference between two different numbers. For example, the delta number between 6 and 10 would be 4.

By breaking down the number pool of a lottery game into deltas, it becomes easier to pick your lucky numbers. If you apply the Delta System to a lottery with 50 numbers of which you must pick different numerals, you can shrink the pool down to 6 digits. Then you convert these 6 numerals into your lottery numbers for the next draw.

Let’s say the Delta System narrowed your number pool down to 2,7,15,21,25,33. Keeping the number 2 as your first delta, you subtract as follows:

  • 7 – 2 = 5
  • 15 – 7 = 8
  • 21 – 15 = 6
  • 25 – 21 = 4
  • 43 – 25 = 18

Your lucky numbers will be 2, 5, 8, 6, 4, 18. Some players go as far as only picking 6 numbers between 1 and 15 and then rearranging the digits or adding some of the numerals to come up with their final sequence.

If this system sounds confusing, you could use one of the best lottery software and prediction tools to do the calculations for you.

2. Use Numbers Picked Frequently

One of the ways to pick your lottery numbers is to assess past draws and identify the most frequently drawn digits. This is a great method if you enjoy studying lottery numbers from previous wins, but it can be time-consuming. However, you can get around this by researching online with a lottery site such as LottoAgent that keeps an archive of winning results from past draws.

Use Numbers Picked Frequently

Source: LottoAgent

Analyzing past winning numbers and picking the ones that are most frequently played lets you break down the most popular digits for your next lottery ticket. In the world of lottery games, these are known as hot numbers.

3. Use Math

Keen lottery players often use mathematical formulas to predict the next set of winning numbers. Here are some ways you can use math to manipulate numbers so you can guess the winning digits for the next draw:

  • Hot numbers: Pick numbers that have been drawn frequently in past games.
  • Cold numbers: Analyze and choose numbers that have been drawn less frequently in previous lottery games.
  • Overdue numbers: Identify numbers that haven’t been played recently.

You can pick a combination of at least 50 numbers from these findings and then use mathematical calculations to whittle down the range of numerals from which you’ll formulate your selection for your next ticket. Having fewer options and using numbers that have some likelihood of being picked, makes it easier to put together winning ticket numbers. This approach also does require time and lots of research but use LottoSmile or other online lottery sites for a quick reference on the latest winning results.

Use Math

Source: LottoSmile

Another way of using math to win the lottery is the wheeling system. Many jackpot winners advise players that the best lottery wheeling system may improve their chances of winning a few million overnight. But how does this approach work?

The wheeling system gives you a systematic approach to predicting your lucky numbers using a math-based strategy. You’ll need to choose a large pool of numbers so the wheeling system can scientifically determine potential winning combinations for you.

4. Use Your Own Lucky Numbers

If you believe in numerology, you could predict a jackpot by playing your horoscope lucky lottery winning numbers. Since ancient times, numerologists have used birth zodiac signs to determine aspects about a person, including their lucky numbers. It’s believed that your zodiac numbers vibrate at a high energy, attracting good fortune and prosperity.

Using your own lucky numbers is a worldwide strategy adopted by both novice and skilled lottery players. Your lucky numbers don’t only have to be based on your horoscope. You can create a combination of lottery lucky numbers from any of the following that are significant to you:

  • Your birthday
  • Special anniversaries
  • Your children’s birth dates
  • Dream numbers
  • Addresses
  • Phone number

Furthermore, according to mathematicians, some numbers are luckier than others. These include 2, 3, 5, 11, 17, and 41. Creating combinations with these lucky numbers plus your own could give you the prediction you need to win a fortune!

Some common winning lottery numbers are considered especially lucky and they include 3, 7, 10, 14, and 46.

5. Pick a Random Set

If the math approach boggles your mind and the thought of spending hours researching and analyzing past wins seems overwhelming, you can let a machine do the work for you. Also known as the lottery quick pick method, you rely on a number generator to give you a random set of lucky numbers.

Pick a Random Set

Source: theLotter

If you’re weighing up between lottery quick pick vs. own numbers and wondering which one will win you the jackpot or other prizes, consider the benefits of random sets:

  • Factual evidence – Superstitious lottery players believe that using the quick pick method will chase away Lady Luck! However, up to 80% of U.S. Powerball winners won using this method for picking lucky numbers.
  • Popular – Quick Pick is used by up to 70% of players to pick a random set for them.
  • Faster – There’s no need to fill in a physical form or spend time trying to decide which numbers to play when you go the quick pick route. Select the number generator option and before you know it, you have your numbers picked for you.
  • Higher numbers – The number generator often selects higher numbers which seem to win more jackpots than single or lower digits.

Using a machine to pick a random set of lucky numbers means you have no control over the digits selected for you. You also can’t change them and will have to play again if you’re not happy with the first round! You’re less likely to memorize your random set of numbers, making it harder to check if you’ve won the lottery or not.

However, you can solve the last problem by opening an account with theLotter or another online lottery site, as these platforms notify you on wins, and ensure you never miss out on money that’s yours. Smaller prizes are paid out immediately into your ewallet and you’ll be notified if ever you need to claim a big win in person.

6. Use Patterns

When picking lottery numbers, avoid being conventional particularly if you don’t want to share your winnings with other winners! Some jackpot winners create patterns by selecting numbers between 104 and 176 that add up to 55 – this method has been successful 70% of the time.

You can decide on your favorite pattern such as a circle, triangle, or square, and draw this out on your lottery form. The pattern will include numbers that you can now use in your ticket’s number sequence. Hopefully, it predicts a win!

Your patterns don’t have to be simple and the more creative you are, the more fun you’ll have using this method to foretell the future. A quick tip! Avoid the “straight line” pattern. It’s most commonly used by lottery players, but isn’t the most effective strategy.

Less creative players prefer to use lottery prediction algorithms to find number patterns that forecast the next winning game. You can use your own Excel spreadsheet to create a prediction algorithm for you – it’s as simple as clicking the command button to run through thousands of past winning numbers. A pattern will emerge and the result is a list of potential numbers predicted to be drawn at the next game.

7. Use Technology

Playing the lottery has come a long way from the days when going to a physical lotto retailer and picking your numbers was the only way to play the game. Nowadays, advanced technology has opened the door to numerous strategies that help lottery players predict lucky numbers.

Well-designed lottery programs use various methods to help you come up with combinations that could see you walking away with the main prize. You can even use online technology to play lotteries consistently which is proven to win you players multiple prizes. All you need is your mobile and reputable lottery apps and you’re good to go.

How do these apps help you to predict a lottery win though?

  • Some apps analyze historical results and use complex algorithms to foretell winning numbers.
  • They forecast your lucky numbers based on your horoscope every day.
  • The use of artificial intelligence to gather stats so you can foretell lucky numbers.
  • They include a number generator for random sets.
  • Advanced software that searches for numerical trends and statistical patterns from a wide range of lottery games.

With the best lottery apps to play online lottery on Android and iOS, you have all the resources you need to play the game – and it’s in the palm of your hand.

Using lottery technology doesn’t automatically mean you’ll win prizes but it does give you more strategies for improving the odds of hitting the jackpot.

Important Tips When Predicting the Lottery

You can use all the different lottery strategies to predict a win but there are certain secrets or tricks of the trade that divides the winners from the losers. Take note of the following tips to ensure your prediction wins you the upcoming Eurojackpot or Mega Millions prizes:

  • Stick to your numbers – Using the same numbers for every draw has been successful. While they may not have won you a lottery yet, who is to say they won’t be the winning numbers at the next draw?
  • Try less popular lotteries – Lotteries such as the U.S. Powerball attract huge competition making it harder to win the jackpot. Play around with the stats of less popular lotteries to increase your odds of winning a prize.
  • Stick to your strategy – It’s better to keep to the strategy you’ve chosen than to swap and change your approach all the time. Similar to sticking to your numbers, this approach requires consistency which has been known to win the game for many players. Use the same strategy even when the jackpot rolls over several times.
  • Avoid popular numbers – If you want to be the only winner of the main prize, avoid using popular numbers to predict a win. There are thousands of other players using this approach which decreases your odds of hitting the jackpot.
  • Join a lottery syndicate – Pooling with other players allows you to buy more tickets without spending too much, and therefore play more numbers. This increases your chance of winning a share of a mega prize.
  • Play the best odds – Look for lotteries with the best odds to boost your chances of predicting a win.
  • Use the law of attraction – Tapping into the universal power will help you to manifest lucky numbers that could attract the win you’ve been dreaming of. This technique can be a powerful tool for forecasting a jackpot!

Playing on the best online lottery sites gives you access to a wide range of resources to help you foretell the next lottery win. These platforms allow you to play lotteries worldwide, broadening your reach and potential to win millions.

Important Tips When Predicting the Lottery

Source: theLotter

Final Thoughts

How to predict lottery numbers involves using unique strategies, being consistent, and believing that Lady Luck is on your side. While you’re never guaranteed a win no matter how smart your strategy is, using lottery techniques ups your chances of becoming the next millionaire.

One last tip! Discover the secrets and tricks of winning the lottery jackpot and your prediction could come true.


What is the best strategy for winning lottery games?

There’s no one given strategy for winning lottery games. However, one tip many jackpot winners share with other players keen to hit the big prize includes being consistent and strategic. Choosing your numbers based on statistical evidence and winning patterns is a proven strategy that has won many players the jackpot. Buying more tickets is also highly recommended.

What are the most common lottery numbers?

The most common lottery numbers vary depending on the game you’re playing. The number 22 is one of the most common winning numbers for the U.S. Mega Millions while 11,9,10,4, and 19 were also popular for the same game. The most common Powerball numbers include 66,23, 61, 53,21, and 63. South Africa’s common Lotto numbers are 2,16,8,23,30, and 48.

What are cold numbers?

Cold numbers are those digits that are drawn less frequently but should be played because they could randomly appear at the next draw. Cold numbers differ between different lotteries so doing your research will ensure you pick the right digits according to the game you’re playing.

What is the luckiest number worldwide?

Seven (7) ranks as the luckiest number worldwide. When asking a group of people to think of a number between 1 and 10, the response is often 7. Many cultures believe this number holds magical powers while scientists and mathematicians accept it has certain properties that make it more attractive than other numbers.

What is a hot number in lottery games?

A hot number is a digit that has been played and drawn most frequently. They have more probability of being picked at the next draw and similar to cold numbers, they differ between different lotteries. The number 16 is a hot number for the SA lottery scene having been drawn 263 times while 85,77, and 90 are some of the most frequently drawn SuperEnalotto numbers.

Do lottery predictions work?

Lottery predictions don’t guarantee you a win but it’s an exciting and fun way of playing the game. Using different techniques and strategies adds more energy to your numbers which is said to boost your odds of winning a prize or even the jackpot. Winning lottery numbers are random and foretelling them correctly ahead of a draw is impossible but it shouldn’t stop you from predicting a win. Luck could be on your side!