What Are The Online Lotto Tickets Prices in 2024?

Playing the lottery is fun especially when you’re choosing games from other countries. Some people choose a lottery based on the jackpot prize. But before you play online you must also check lotto ticket prices to see which sites are more affordable.

There are hundreds of online lotteries all around the world. The most popular games come from the USA and Europe. So we’ll be giving you more information on lotto ticket prices from these locations as well as other small lotteries around the world. Keep reading so you can pick a lottery that’s not incredibly expensive to play online.

Is it Legal to Buy Lottery Tickets Online?

Online lotteries are legal in most countries. However, due to scams, some countries have made it illegal to play the lottery through online platforms. For example, the US only has eight states that allow people to play online lotteries. Countries such as Belarus, Iran, Turkey, and Cuba have banned online lotteries.

Additionally, if you want to play online lotteries in a foreign country where it’s legal to play it’s best to choose third-party organizations such as betting sites or lottery agents. These online platforms are legitimate sites because they are licensed. You can play through trusted lottery sites such as theLotter.

It should be noted that official lottery sites in a specific country are for locals only.

Is it Safe to Pay for Lottery Tickets Online?

Many people are skeptical about playing online lotteries because they’re concerned about the safety of their information and the money they use to play. If you choose a legitimate lottery site that’s licensed then it will be safe for you to play on the platform.

Licensed lottery sites have extensive security features to prevent hackers from stealing your information. What’s more, your banking details are protected by encryptions so that your transactions are secure.

Online lotteries may also offer various ways for you to complete a transaction through safe payment methods such as PayPal. If you win small cash prizes money may be paid securely directly into your bank account. But for larger winnings, you may have to visit the country to claim your prize.

As long as you choose a trusted lottery site to play games your information and activity will be safe. Here is the list of the most common lottery licenses which you can find at the bottom of a lottery site’s web page.

  • The Gibraltar Gambling License
  • MGA: The Malta Gaming Authority
  • UKGC: The United Kingdom Gambling Commission
  • The Curaçao e–Gaming Licensing Authority
  • The Gibraltar Gambling License
  • NELO: The Irish National Excise License Office
  • The Cyprus Gaming Commission

What Are The Online Lotto Tickets Prices By Country

Some of the more popular lotteries come from the USA and Europe but there are also games from Africa and Australia that players may be interested in. To help you choose a lottery based on ticket prices, we’ve listed the expected price for tickets per country in the tables below.


It should be noted that US lotto ticket prices may vary depending on the lottery you play. For example, In the US Mega Millions and US Powerball tickets both cost $2. But in other states such as Illinois ticket prices cost $1 if you’re playing state lotteries. We’ve compared ticket prices for all the states in the US where it’s legal to play the lottery online.

State Ticket Price
Pennsylvania $1 to $2
North Dakota $1
Michigan $1
North Carolina $1
New Hampshire $2
Kentucky $1 to $2
Georgia $1 to $2
Illinois $1


There are 44 countries in Europe but the most popular lotteries are from the UK, Germany, France, and Russia. Here are ticket prices in their respective currencies.

Country Ticket Price
Poland 75p
UK £2
Russia RUB 100
Germany €1
France €15

Other Countries

Other countries such as South Africa and Australia also have higher-paying jackpots. Here are ticket prices in other countries.

Country Ticket Price
South Africa R5
Australia $1.50
Mexico 15 pesos
New Zealand $2.80

Does It Cost More to Play the Lottery Online?

When playing a lottery online you may experience additional costs especially if you’re playing in a foreign country. Some lottery sites charge a small fee so they can pay the agents that buy and scan your lottery tickets. This cost is charged over and above your lottery ticket.

That’s why it’s important to choose an affordable online lottery platform such as LottoLand.You can play the biggest lotteries such as Mega Millions or EuroMillions through these lotto sites but at an affordable cost.

What Payment Methods Do Online Lottery Sites Offer?

You want to choose a lottery site that offers various payment methods that are convenient for you to use. Lottery sites will use the most popular payment methods such as the following:

Not all lottery sites will have these payment methods. Some lotteries will have Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal. The one online lottery site that offers all of the above payment methods is LottoAgent.

Where Can You Buy Cheap Lottery Tickets?

There are affordable online lotteries where you can buy cheap tickets for your favorite lotteries. Here is a list of some of the most popular sites with affordable lotto ticket prices:

  • LottoAgent: This lottery site has 20 lotteries for you to play including US Powerball and EuroMillions. It has over 13 payment methods and a secure mobile app.
  • theLotter: There are over 40 lotteries to play and free games for iOS and Android users. It also has 18 deposit methods and 6 withdrawal methods. Lastly, it supports 13 languages.
  • LottoGo: For people who are new to online lotteries LottoGo is the ideal platform to use. There are plenty of bonuses on offer and you can play syndicates.

Are There Free Online Lotteries?

There are many free lottery sites that offer draws without you having to pay a single cent. However, the chances of you winning through a free lottery site is extremely slim.

The prizes for these free online lotteries are small. In general, the main prize is between $250 and $500. On the other hand,  some lotteries can have the main prize of $1 million but with low odds of winning. If you want better chances of winning higher jackpots then try playing through our recommended lottery sites.

Tips for Beginners When Buying Lottery Tickets Online

Are you new to playing the lottery online? To assist you here is a list of tips that you should consider before purchasing a ticket through a lottery website:

  • Ensure the lottery site is licensed
  • Check for multiple payment methods
  • If you’re happy with your choice, register with the lottery site
  • You will need to add funds to your account
  • Pick the lottery you want to play
  • Choose your numbers manually or use a quick pick option
  • The prices are based on how many lines you pick
  • Prices will vary depending on how many draws you pick
  • Finalize your transaction
  • Check the results after the lottery draw


Now that you know the ticket prices for the lotteries around the world you can use this article to pick a legitimate site to play through. As you can see there are many platforms that offer low lotto ticket prices for your favorite games.

Avoid scams at all costs by playing through sites that are licensed. You can check the bottom of a lottery website to see who they are licensed with. You may also want to go through the site’s terms and conditions to see how prizes are paid out and details about their privacy policies. 

Have fun by trying the lottery sites we’ve mentioned in this article and remember to play responsibly.


Can you buy lotto tickets through an app?

There are lottery sites that offer mobile apps where you can buy lottery tickets through.

Has anyone won the lottery buying tickets online?

Yes, there have been plenty of winners who’ve won jackpots when playing online. Some lottery sites will have a panel on the side that shows you how many winners they’ve had and the money they’ve paid out. 

Can I use a credit card to buy tickets online?

This will depend on the payment methods offered by online lotteries. Some platforms will have multiple payment methods which include Visa and Mastercard. Simply choose a lottery site that has your preferred payment method.

What is the average cost of lottery tickets?

The average cost of lottery tickets is between $1 and $2. You may spend more if you’re playing more lines or if you’ve chosen to play more draws.